Motorcycle touring is more than just a ride; it’s an adventurous journey, the landscapes, and the excitement of discovering new places. One of the many destinations visited by motorcycle fans, the Dolomites, located in Italy, are considered as one of the most beautiful places with challenging roads. This glorious mountain range is presented as a seductive self-guided tour by Horizon Motorcycle Travel, delivering riders a perfect riding delight.

The Call of the Dolomites

The dolomites are located in the north eastern part of Italy and are well famous for their picturesque landscapes which are made up of towering peaks, fertile valleys and tranquil lakes. The UNESCO World Heritage site provides a setting that is nearly surreal, leaving every twist of the trip a treasure.

Self-Guided Freedom

Opting for a self-guided tour, such as those offered by Horizon Motorcycle Travel, combines the best of both worlds: the ability to ride at your own leisure pace as well as a well laid out route. You’re not buying a holiday, you’re being given a holiday designed to showcase the best of the Dolomites. Each aspect of the track,from the winding passes to the panoramic views, has been carefully designed for complete absorption.

Why Choose a Motorcycle Tour in the Dolomites?

It’s not only the destination that matters while riding through the Dolomites; it’s the way. Some drills through these mountains provide one of the most exciting rides in Europe. There are hairpin turns, sweeping curves and gentle climbs to make the driving interesting, but the views are good reasons to stop and get a picture.

Embrace the Adventure

Motorcycle tour Dolomites is not just a vacation but a discovery of nature’s art, the test of your riding abilities and a visit to the soul of Italian traditions. Horizon Motorcycle Travel takes you on an adventure that will entertain as well as educate you. No matter whether you travel along a serpentine path that twists through alpine passes, or stop for a moment to enjoy looking down upon the quiet valley below, the Dolomites tour promises to leave memories you’ll carry with you forever.

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