Having attracted more than two million visitors to its exquisite shores between July and August last year, the Greek islands are definitely no stranger to tourists in the summer. 

That said, the popular islands like Santorini and Mykonos can be on the crowded side, with flocks of people ruining your perfect shot. So, where are the alternatives to live out your Mamma Mia fantasy in peace? 

In response to this, the team at Betway has done some digging and revealed the hidden Greek Islands to visit this summer. 

The rankings are based on the number of hashtag-attributed posts each island has on Instagram – the fewer posts, the more secret they are! 

Kea – 1,961 posts 

Credit: @kea.greece

Located in the dreamy Aegean Sea, the Greek island of Kea is a hidden paradise and one that is not at all plastered that much on social media. 

Renowned for its stunning beaches and walking paths that are every hiker’s dream, Kea is the perfect place to escape if you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of summer crowds. 

Lesbos – 2.497 posts 

Credit: @visitlesvos 

Despite being the third-largest Greek island, Lesbos manages to stay clear of heavy spells of tourism. 

For this reason, Lesbos is suited to the more independent traveller who wants to immerse themselves in culture, and picturesque landscapes, as well as indulge in the local liqueur (the island is known for its ouzo, an anise-flavored liqueur). 

Ithaca – 4,043 posts 

Credit: @impecceable.places 

The beautiful island of Ithaca is famous for being the homeland of Odysseus, the mythical hero of Homer. 

As well as its historical roots, Ithaca offers travellers exotic beaches, a collection of charming villages and gorgeous greenery. An idyllic retreat! 

Evia – 8,982 posts 

Credit: @eviagreece 

Despite being the second-largest Greek island after Crete, Evia doesn’t seem to have much of a spot on the tourist map, and though just as beautiful, is not advertised as much as its surrounding siblings. 

However, this doesn’t mean that this hidden gem has nothing to offer. Home to sun-kissed beaches, grand monuments and not to mention a variety of fish tavernas, Evia offers the perfect remote Greek holiday experience. 

Samothrace – 28,720 posts 

Credit: @samothrakisland 

With a small population of only 2,859 people, you can certainly expect some peace and quiet in Samothrace. 

Located in the northern Aegean sea, Samothrace is renowned for its ‘vathres’, which are natural pools formed by the island’s waterfalls. The island also hosts some very impressive ruins, including the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. 

Cephalonia – 35,304 posts 

Credit: @vibrant_kefalonia 

Travellers seeking an adventurous Greek holiday should certainly pay a visit to the island of Cephalonia (also spelt Kefalonia). 

Known for its limestone cliffs, inviting caves and crystal clear beaches, this island is the perfect place to go on a long hike or a fun round of scuba diving.

Kythria – 52,404 posts 

Situated between the Peloponnese and Crete, Kythria certainly is a hidden gem. What’s more, many people don’t know that the island is actually the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite. 

Whether you fancy a cultural trip to Venetian Castle or a day basking in the sun at Chalkos Beach, Kythria has plenty to offer to travellers. Prepare to be immersed!

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