Walt Disney World Resort, Florida is a dream destination that brings a sense of magic and adventure to those of all ages, making it the perfect trip for all the family- but it is easy to get put off by the high prices that can quickly add up. So how do you make this dream a reality without breaking the bank? 

According to insiders, there are certain times throughout the year in which you can save thousands when making a booking.

Booking insider Tessa Bishop, Head of Sales and Customer Services at Ocean Florida, shares the best times you should look at booking your dream Disney holiday to secure the best deal possible.  

According to Tessa the best time to book a Disney World holiday is usually throughout April and May (for the following year) as this is when they tend to run their early booking offers. Because of this, now couldn’t be a better time to book as many of the deals are currently live and due to limited availability, sell quickly. 

Free Disney World Dining and Drinks, which launched on the 18th of April, is the perfect opportunity to grab a deal that can save you thousands off your booking. Tessa explains: “For the first time since 2019, they have brought back the Disney Dine offer which can save up to £2,000 per booking. With this package, you can enjoy free dining and drinks during your 2025 trip when staying in Disney Hotels.”

Whilst these offers are just one way to save, even something as simple as the day of the week you book can make a difference to the cost of your holiday, with Tessa stating: “Always try to make a booking on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday as this is likely where you can get a better price on flights1.”

For those who are looking to travel in the same year however, there are other ways to save; to do this, the best month to book is January as this is when most flight sales are on by all major airlines, which Tessa says: “can save you up to £1,200 per booking.”

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Whilst these are the best times to book, there are other money-saving considerations to take on board. 

Marketing Manager at Ocean Florida Abby Dunn, who has travelled to Florida over 42 times, shares 6 savvy booking tips to cut the cost of your holiday: 

  1. Book your park tickets at the same time as your hotel & flights

“I’d always recommend purchasing your park tickets at the time of booking your package holiday. The main theme parks increase their prices often, so securing them as early as you can means you have that lower price locked in and can avoid any fluctuations – which could result in you spending more.”

  1. Try to book an odd number of nights 

“Try and be flexible with your departure date, and if you can, don’t restrict yourself to the usual seven, ten, or fourteen-night holidays. Often odd durations like nine or fifteen nights can be cheaper, even once you have considered extra hotel costs and spending money.”

Disney World
  1. Look at flying to alternative airports

“For Orlando Holidays you’re likely to look at flights straight to Orlando, but I would suggest looking at alternative airports nearby such as Tampa as doing this can save you at least £400 per booking depending on the time of year you travel and still provide well-connected transfer facilities .”

  1. Consider US school holiday timings

“We already know to try and avoid UK school holidays, but also consider the same for students in the USA, as this also has an impact on accommodation prices and crowd levels in the parks.

“For example, UK children have two weeks off at Easter. In the US, however, this is classed as ‘Spring Break’ and thanks to the different states having different school out dates, this busy holiday period often lasts a month! “

  1. Avoid sporting events

“Disney World is a great event space and because of this, they tend to host a wide variety of sporting events. Check the calendars to try to avoid any events of this type, such as a RunDisney Event and the Cheerleading & Dance World Championships, as this will increase costs significantly.

“Of course, if you’re looking to tie in your trip with the Fifa World Cup, it’s important to start thinking about booking your 2026 Orlando Holiday now to avoid staggering prices!”

Disney World
  1. Opt for a multi-centre trip

“I would always consider a multi-centre stay to save money. By staying at Disney for four nights for example and then twinning this with a villa stay, you often save money on accommodation but still get the benefits of onsite stays. 

“There are so many amazing villas available at different price points that cater to different needs, making them the perfect place to stay during the duration of your Florida holiday.”

If you’re looking for Florida Holidays in 2025/2026, enquire with Ocean Florida today.

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