Study reveals St Barth’s is best Luxury Airbnb destination worldwide

Compare My Jet has analysed thousands of listings Luxe Airbnb to discover where is home to the best Luxury Airbnb experiences worldwide.

  • St Barth’s is revealed as the best Luxury Airbnb location worldwide 
  • Canada is the best location for a large group luxury Airbnb experience
  • Belize, Croatia and Indonesia the least expensive locations for luxury
  • The most expensive Luxe Airbnb’s available on site are in France and Italy, costing over £20,000 per night

It was reported that the ‘Luxury Tourism Market’ size has now exceeded USD 17 billion and is expected to see a further 15% YoY growth from 2022-30 and travel accommodation platforms, such as Airbnb, have been quick off the mark to add luxury accommodation options to their portfolio. The team at Compare My Jet have analysed Airbnb’s Luxe offerings in 27 of their most popular luxury locations to find out where has the best options for luxury Airbnb experiences available. 

St Barth's

St Barth’s, Belize and Indonesia found to be top three destinations for Luxury Airbnb experiences 

Compare My Jet’s ranking found that St Barths in the Caribbean is the top location for luxury Airbnb accommodation worldwide. Belize comes second in the rankings, due to the having one of the lowest costs for luxury accommodation on Airbnb (£841 per night on average), as well as the majority of the luxury accommodation available having some of the most sought-after guest amenities. 100% of Luxe Airbnb’s in San Pedro, Belize have a pool, hot tub and are beach front. 

RankLocationNo. of Lux Airbnb’s per 10,000 visitorsAverage cost of stay per night (£)% with a pool% with a hot tub% with a gym% that are beachfront
1St Barths2,2022,40374101612
2Belize (San Pedro Town)678411001000100

Canada, Dominican Republic and Mexico are best equipped for large groups looking for luxury 

To find out which locations have the most options for larger groups, such as wedding parties, Compare My Jet searched for the number of luxury Airbnb’s available with over eight beds. They then ranked the locations in order of the highest percentage of accommodation available with 8+ beds. 

Canada comes out in top spot for its high percentage of luxury Airbnb accommodation that has over eight beds (68%), whilst Dominican Republic (60%) and Mexico (40%) come second and third respectively.  

Belize, Croatia and Indonesia the least expensive locations for luxury, whilst Antigua and Barbubda and the Bahamas are most expensive overall 

When looking at the average price per night for luxury stays on Airbnb, Compare My Jet found that certain locations saw a steep price difference compared to others for experiencing luxury Airbnbs.  

Five least expensive locations for the average luxury Airbnb: 

RankLocationAverage cost of stay per night (£)
1Belize (San Pedro Town)841
5St Lucia1,897

Five most expensive locations for the average luxury Airbnb: 

RankLocationAverage cost of stay per night (£)
1Antigua and Barbuda11,072

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