Craving an adrenaline-filled getaway surrounded by nature? Look no further than Montenegro. With stunning scenery spanning from the Adriatic coast to the wild mountains, Montenegro offers adventures for every outdoor enthusiast.

Craving an adrenaline-filled getaway surrounded by nature? Look no further than Montenegro. With stunning scenery spanning from the Adriatic coast to the wild mountains, Montenegro offers adventures for every outdoor enthusiast.

Here are the 9 best outdoor activities in Montenegro for the 2023 summer.

Whitewater Rafting on the Tara River

Rafting in Montenegro is very popular. The turquoise Tara River carves a dramatic canyon and features thrilling rapids for rafting. The cleanest river in Europe and a top 3 world rafting destination, the Tara offers rafting for all skill levels. Experience the river’s raw power while taking in stunning views.

Hiking in Montenegro

Montenegro’s diverse landscape is best explored on foot. Trails lead you to medieval fortresses, serene lakes and picturesque canyons. Challenge yourself with multi-day hikes like Peaks of the Balkans or Via Dinarica, rated one of the world’s best hiking routes. Or opt for scenic day hikes to Black Lake, the Gate of Wishes and heart-shaped Trnovačko Lake.


Pedal through Montenegro’s picturesque countryside, dotted with olive groves, beaches and medieval villages. Rent a bike to ride the “cosmic” trail’s figure 8 loop around Plav Lake and Vistor Mountain. Or challenge yourself on Endless Landscapes, a multi-day ride over five municipalities. Four newly-developed cycling routes also traverse the coast, mountains and wine country.

Kitesurfing at Ulcinj

Kitesurfing at UlcinjFeel the wind in your sail at Velika Plaza, a 13km sandy beach in Ulcinj perfect for kitesurfing. Home to the biggest kitesurfing center in the Balkans, Ulcinj’s desert-like dunes and strong winds provide ideal conditions to kitesurf or learn the sport. For scenic kitesurfing, head to Vražje Lake or the Verige Strait.

Canyoning in Nevidio Canyon

Adventure through Europe’s deepest canyon in Nevidio, located in northern Montenegro. Featuring stunning rock formations, waterfalls and turquoise waters, Nevidio canyoning for thrill-seekers and beginners alike. The canyon’s Kamikaze gate is for the daring, while Bar’s Hot Rijeka Canyon and Kotor’s Škurda are more accessible options.


Get a bird’s eye view of Montenegro’s epic scenery. Launch from Durmitor, Petar Lončar’s favorite paragliding spot, or the Bay of Kotor, claimed to offer the world’s most beautiful paragliding. Dizdarica airfield near Herceg Novi is a mecca for paragliders, along with launch sites at Vistor and Brajići.

Fly Fishing in Montenegro

Fly Fishing in MontenegroMontenegro has become a popular destination for fly fishing enthusiasts due to its abundance of natural resources, including Lake Plav and the rivers Ljuča, Lim, and Zlorečica. The European Championship in fly fishing was held in Berane, Plav, and Andrijevica last year, earning the small Balkan country a reputation as a new favorite destination for this sport. Fly fishing has a rich history on the river Tara, particularly in the area near Mojkovac, which is considered ideal for this activity. Many people also find fly fishing to be a therapeutic and relaxing way to connect with nature.

Zipline Adventure in Tara Canyon

If you’re seeking a thrilling adventure, consider flying over the stunning Tara Canyon at an altitude of 150m. Alternatively, you can experience the beauty of Pivski Lake or the famous Njeguši Bay while indulging in this exciting activity. Invite some friends to join you on this unforgettable summer adventure and make lasting memories.

Horseback Riding in Montenegro

Horseback Riding in MontenegroHorseback riding is a popular way to enjoy nature in Montenegro. If you’re passionate about horses and the special bond between humans and these magnificent animals, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to indulge in this activity. Embark on an adventure through the stunning mountainous terrain of Pavino Polje and meet the friendly locals who will make you feel like a hero from a long-forgotten tale. You can also try horseback riding on Ada Bojana, which has been shown to have therapeutic benefits. For a unique experience, consider hippotherapy at Mont Joy Ranch, where you can benefit from physiotherapy with the help of horses.

Final Thoughts

From majestic mountains to glistening lakes and rivers, Montenegro is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. With stunning natural scenery and a variety of terrain, this small Balkan country offers opportunities for adventure around every corner. Whether you prefer to hike through lush forests, cycle scenic roads, horseback ride across flower-filled meadows or float down rapids, Montenegro has an activity for you.

2023 is the perfect year to experience the thrills of Montenegro. The country’s infrastructure for adventure tourism continues to expand, with new hiking and biking trails, improved facilities for water sports and more. Budget airlines now offer direct flights to Montenegro, making it more accessible than ever. And following the pandemic, spending time in nature and open spaces is more valuable and rejuvenating than ever before.

The list of adventures in Montenegro is endless. You could spend weeks navigating its mountains, lakes and rivers and still have natural wonders yet to discover. While the stunning scenery alone is worth the trip, the sense of accomplishment from conquering an outdoor challenge will stay with you for life. Whether a novice looking to push your limits or an expert seeking demanding terrain, Montenegro offers opportunities for growth and escape into the wild.

From canyoning in Europe’s deepest canyon to horseback riding through flower-filled fields, kitesurfing down the coast or mountain biking forested trails, the options for adventure in Montenegro are as diverse as its landscape. Make 2023 the year you unlock your inner explorer in this Balkan gem. With heart-pumping activities set against dramatic vistas, Montenegro is calling you to a summer of adventure. The only question is, are you brave enough to answer?

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