Experience a truly remarkable time of the year as the Green Season springs into life at Desert & Delta Safaris, a leading luxury safari operator in Botswana with nine exclusive properties in the country’s prime wildlife destinations, all managed by local people.

Since 1982 Desert & Delta Safaris has been welcoming guests to its lodges in the heart of Botswana, extending from Chobe National Park, the Okavango Delta and Panhandle, the world-renowned Moremi Game Reserve all the way down to the Boteti River on the border of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. 

This is the most comprehensive circuit of top safari locations in the country with a combination of unique properties in distinct ecosystems which deliver life-enhancing adventures and experiences. Diverse vegetation brings a wide spectrum of wildlife – aside from the usual suspects guests can expect to see large herds of Elephants and Buffalo as well as predators such as Lions, Wild Dogs, and even the illusive Cheetahs all enjoying the abundance of water and food this magical time of year provides. 

Within such momentous landscapes, Green Season also brings an abundance of incredible birding and the arrival of young animals. One of the most rewarding seasons in Botswana is often referred to as the season of new life and prosperity. Lush and beautiful, with almost nobody else in your view, it also offers the advantage of rates that are on average 40 percent lower than during the traditional peak season. 

Also known as the secret season, guests who want to travel at this time of the year can make use of some of the most tempting value-for-money Desert & Delta packages.


  • The Green Season is renowned for its wealth of migratory bird sightings, a fascinating visual delight, not just for bird watchers.
  • The best-value package is the Green Discovery Package which is six nights with the option to choose from a range of our year-round lodges. A great example of this would be a combination itinerary of Camp Okavango and Savute Safari Lodge. 
  • The Best of Desert & Delta Safaris (BODDS) packages provide flexible options within our circuit for amazing value throughout the year. 
  • All BODDS packages from eight nights and above include a complimentary night, and the longer stay packages include further amazing value add-ons, including a free helicopter scenic flight on certain 10 nights plus BODDS packages. 
  • Camp Okavango and Xugana Island Lodge are permanent water camps and offer year-round motorised boating, walking, and mokoro (canoe-like vessels) activities exclusively.

Delta & Desert Safaris looks forward to welcoming old friends and new visitors for this year’s Green Season, where Africa’s most abundant and diverse wildlife wait for their world to burst into life and discerning travellers can make the most of marvellous value-for-money suggestions. Our Green Season runs from December through March each year. 


One of the original safari operators in Botswana, founded in 1982, Desert & Delta Safaris’ nine camps are set in prime locations in northern Botswana’s famous game reserves and national parks with one just across the Chobe River in Namibia’s Eastern Zambezi Region. Together these luxurious lodges offer an outstandingly diverse safari experience whilst providing the personalised service and attention to detail for which Desert & Delta Safaris is known. Guests are immersed in a safari experience that develops an understanding of the animals, people, and geography of this magnificent country.

At the heart of the company is developing the human potential of tourism in Botswana. Desert & Delta Safaris’ CARES philosophy is the foundation on which Desert & Delta Safaris is built, highlighting its core values in developing human potential and building a sustainable tourism model. They employ approximately 320 staff members within the eight safari lodges and all the guides are recruited from nearby villages. The company places a strong focus on training through a highly successful skills development programme as well as focusing on healthcare, environmental responsibility, and equality.

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