An island escape is synonymous with turquoise blue waters, sandy coastlines, and a freeing sense of tranquillity.

When you add luxury into the mix, these islands become nothing short of paradise! If you are looking for a dreamy place to go to for a high-end experience, you’re in luck!

Below are some of the most beautiful islands around the world, that offer that and much more.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, is a diverse and enchanting island. Known as ‘the island of eternal spring,’ Tenerife’s climate sets a comfortable stage for a year-round retreat. The island offers lots to do and see, from the breathtaking volcanic landscapes to electric nightlife. However, the true highlight of Tenerife’s luxurious appeal is its accommodation options. The Iberostar 5-star hotels in Tenerife provide the pinnacle of luxury, seamlessly blending comfort, deluxe service, and a unique island experience.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

In the South Pacific lies Bora Bora, the jewel of French Polynesia. The island’s iconic over-water bungalows and vivid turquoise waters paint a picture-perfect scene of tropical opulence. Luxury in Bora Bora is more than just an offering – it’s a complete, immersive experience. It comes in the form of world-class spa treatments, close encounters with vibrant marine life, and intimate dining experiences with the backdrop of mesmerizing sunsets.

Capri, Italy

Capri, a stunning island off Italy’s Amalfi Coast, offers a distinctive blend of historical richness and natural beauty. Capri’s luxury is palpable in the high-end designer boutiques, the sumptuous Italian cuisine of Michelin-starred restaurants, and the breathtaking views of the Faraglioni rocks. The island offers an experience that’s both relaxing and cultural, as you enjoy learning all about their rich heritage.

Maldives, Indian Ocean

The Maldives, a scattering of coral islands in the Indian Ocean, takes luxury to another level. Private villas floating on turquoise waters create an atmosphere of seclusion and peace that only a private island can offer. Luxury in the Maldives includes sunrise yoga sessions on pristine beaches, underwater spa treatments, and private dining experiences beneath the twinkling stars.

Seychelles, East Africa

Situated in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles offers unrivalled tranquillity and natural beauty. With its pristine beaches, lush greenery, and rare wildlife, it’s an earthly paradise. Luxury here is distinctive, as it harmoniously blends with nature. High-end resorts are discreetly tucked within the natural landscape, providing world-class amenities, private beach access, and gastronomical delights that showcase the flavours of the local cuisine.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Greek island where luxury meets extraordinary landscapes. Its famed blue-domed churches, whitewashed buildings, and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea make it a postcard-perfect destination. The island’s luxury comes in the form of cave hotels that offer breathtaking views and gourmet Greek cuisine. Don’t forget to try the locally-produced wines that will make you fall in love with this beautiful island even more!

Final word

From Tenerife’s vibrant landscapes to Santorini’s picturesque cliffs, these islands cater to a wide variety of luxury-seeking travellers. Each island offers its blend of relaxation, adventure, and opulence, creating unforgettable memories and a desire to return again and again (you’ve been warned!).

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