The cost of living crisis and overseas travel chaos pushing holidaymakers to holiday at home

“After several years of banned foreign travel, it’s unsurprising that many took to the skies to make the most of eased Covid-19 restrictions last year.

“Since then, however, demand for cost-effective package holidays overseas has dipped as the cost of living crisis continues to bite. Not only are holidaymakers more conscious of rising costs – with a third looking to cut down on holiday spending and tourists warned of price hikes for popular European destinations – they’re also becoming increasingly frustrated with the service offered by top airlines. 

“Travellers headed overseas have been met with a barrage of travel chaos in recent years. In fact, a recent study from Which? found over 40 percent of passengers had a problem with their flight in 2022, with two in five travellers no longer trusting airlines. Cancellations, long queues, flight delays and lost luggage were cited as some of the top problems travellers experienced last year. 

“It’s unsurprising therefore that Google searches for UK staycations have surged 233 percent as travellers seek getaways a little closer to home. 

“From a holidaymaker’s perspective, there are many benefits to exploring the UK. Not only are you securing a cheaper holiday with less risk of disruption, but you’ll also be helping to contribute to the local economy which often relies heavily on tourism. 

“The looming recession has been a great concern for many SMEs throughout the nation. But seeing more people spend locally where they can is reassuring that the next year will not be as dire as predicted. 

“The UK is home to a vast range of landscapes and cultural landmarks, so it’s definitely worth considering a holiday at home if you’re looking for a budget-friendly escape this year.”  

Comments by Jess Twitchin, CEO and Founder of

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