Sitting between southern and central Europe, Croatia is a beautiful land of medieval walled towns, ancient ruins, and picturesque islands surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic.

If you’re thinking of travelling to Croatia soon, here are some of the most beautiful places to visit.

Beautiful Places in Croatia – Dubrovnik 

Dubrovnik lies in the southeast coastal area of Croatia. It’s a picturesque town on the Dalmatian coast, dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Packed with cultural history and stunning architecture, especially in the Old Town Quarter, Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most beautiful places. The best way to admire its beauty is to walk the famous two-kilometre trail around the city’s iconic walls built during the 7th Century, to defend the city against invaders.

If you’re a Game of Thrones Fan, you’ll love exploring the Old Town, as it’s where the many scenes in the King’s Landing were filmed.

Beautiful Places in Croatia – Split 

Dubrovnik and Split are two of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations. Every year, cruise ships from all over the world make stops in both cities. A cruise from Dubrovnik to Split is one of the most popular itineraries. The journey takes you along the Dalmatian Coast, past towering cliffs and secluded coves. You’ll have the opportunity to swim in crystal-clear waters, explore historic ruins, and enjoy views of the Adriatic Sea. A cruise from Dubrovnik to Split is the perfect way to see everything that Croatia has to offer.

For those who want to enjoy a bit of indulgence, consider staying in one of the Luxury Villas in Split Region. You will find these Split villas in some pretty seaside villages in Split, surrounded by panoramic views of the sea.

Beautiful Places in Croatia – Hvar Island 

Dubbed the “Queen of Dalmatia”, Hvar is a beautiful place with a long history of winemaking. The island’s most popular destination is Hvar Town, a bustling town brimming with historical landmarks, including 13th Century fortifications and Byzantine cathedrals. Set between hillsides and harbour, its maze of cobblestone streets offers a wealth of fantastic restaurants and boutiques. Head to Hvar Fort, where you can marvel at the island’s stunning views. Sitting above Hvar Town, the fort sits on a 6th Century Byzantine citadel.

Beautiful Places in Croatia – The Dalmatian Islands

The Dalmatian Coast is one of Europe’s most dramatic and beautiful coasts. It extends to hundreds of miles of steep limestone cliffs and a shoreline dotted with beautiful beaches. Used to be an outpost for the Venetian empire, Dalmatia is now one of Croatia’s most beautiful sites, famous for its medieval architecture, Roman ruins, and dramatic scenery. The best way to explore the Dalmatian Islands is by booking a crewed yacht charter in Croatia, where you’ll visit jaw-dropping islands home to enchanting architecture and historical complexes.

Beautiful Places in Croatia – Brac Island

If you’re looking to visit an off-the-beaten-path destination in Croatia, head to Brac, home to the highest peak in the Adriatic, the Vidova Gora. The island is home to some historical sites, such as the 14th Century Dominican Monastery. But perhaps, the most beautiful place you’ll ever find in Brac is Zlatni Rat, one of the most stunning beaches in the Mediterranean. Also called the Golden Horn, Zlatni Rat is a beautiful, pebbled beach frequented by tourists for its distinct landscape.

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