The summer is finally here, and new research has revealed the most scenic spots for city dwellers to enjoy a picnic, with Kew Gardens coming top of the list (26 percent).

Following close behind was London’s Hyde Park (25 percent) and Richmond Park (19 percent), while Sefton Park in Liverpool (9 percent) and Sutton Park in Birmingham (9 percent) also faired well in the list.

The research, commissioned by Chase Distillery, also reveals Britons love Holyrood Park (ten percent) and Calton Hill (nine percent) in Edinburgh (ten percent) as well as Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park (nine percent).

Other parks to make the list were Preston Park, Brighton (nine percent), Bute Park in Cardiff (eight percent), the Belfast Botanical Gardens (eight percent), Knole Park in Kent (eight percent), the Quarry in Shrewsbury (eight percent), Woodhouse Moor, Leeds (eight percent) and Stanley Park, Blackpool (eight percent).

However the average city dweller spends just 26 hours in nature a month, while in ten (92 percent) wish they could spend more time outdoors, blaming a lack of time (53 percent), work pressures (43 percent) and living in a city (20 percent). 

It’s no surprise that one in ten (11 percent) of the 2,000 urbanites polled struggle to access nature.

To help, Chase Distillery is showing the nation how they can access a slice of countryside wherever they are, this summer.

A Chase Distillery spokesperson said: “Everyone should have access to a slice of the countryside, wherever you are. From providing us with somewhere to relax and unwind to being a place where we can grow food, the benefits of the great outdoors are immeasurable. We’re huge champions of the fusion of nature and urban living.”

Three quarters (74 percent) said that being in the great outdoors is good for their mental health, with over half (52 percent) admitting that some of the most positive and relaxed people they know are nature lovers.

While 36 is the age we start to connect and appreciate nature, according to the poll.

Four in ten (45 percent) say that nature gives them the chance to take a deep breath and appreciate life, while almost a third (31 percent) are inspired by nature and believe that being in the great outdoors fuels their creativity.

The research reveals that 71 percent agree that we learn to appreciate nature more the older we get.

Two thirds (60 percent) agree that outdoor pursuits have become more popular in recent years, with 45 percent believing that social media has made it trendy to get back to nature and spend more outside so much so that one in three (35 percent) think that younger people enjoy getting back to nature more than previous generations.


*Respondents were given a big list of UK parks and urban green spaces and asked to pick their favourites. The following list is the top 20, as ranked by percentage.

  1. Kew Gardens, London    26%
  2. Hyde Park, London   25%
  3. Richmond Park, London   19%
  4. Hampstead Heath, London  12%
  5. Primrose Hill, London   11%
  6. Queen’s Park, Glasgow   10%
  7. Holyrood Park, Edinburgh  10%
  8. Bushy Park, London   10%
  9. Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow  9%
  10. Sefton Park, Liverpool   9%
  11. Sutton Park, Birmingham  9%
  12. Preston Park, Brighton   9%
  13. Calton Hill, Edinburgh   9%
  14. Bute Park, Cardiff   8%
  15. Belfast Botanical Gardens  8%
  16. Knole Park, Kent   8%
  17. The Quarry, Shrewsbury  8%
  18. Woodhouse Moor, Leeds  8%
  19. Stanley Park, Blackpool   8%
  20. Chelsea Physic Garden, London  8%

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