With an array of white-sand beaches and year-round sunshine, Fuerteventura is the perfect destination you may want to consider if you are looking for a great place to relax and enjoy your time.

It’s important to plan your schedule in advance to make sure you can go on the best tours and excursions while you are there.

Take a look at some island-hopping ideas, that will make your trip even more amazing and memorable. Today we have prepared a few fun things and ideas that you may want to add to your itinerary when visiting Fuerteventura.

Explore Ajuy

You can spend a whole day exploring the caves in a small fishing village called Ajuy and eating some delicious food, such as fresh fish. As you will need to walk on rocky soil, it’s advisable to bring suitable shoes, such as proper trekking shoes. However, keep in mind that the beach at Ajuy is considered dangerous for swimming, so you should be cautious. The best part is that the trail through Ajuy doesn’t take much time and you will have the chance to see all sorts of incredible cliffs and volcanic oceanic sediments.

Go Island Hopping

Another exciting thing you can do is island hopping, as there are so many beautiful coves and lagoons, you can swim in. For example, you can take a catamaran trip to Lobos Island, which is still uninhabited. To make the most of your time island hopping, it’s best to check the Fuerteventura weather forecast and plan your itinerary accordingly. World Weather Online is a great resource, which can provide you with more information on Fuerteventura weather history, including the best months to travel, the coldest months in the year, as well as the months which receive the most rainfall.

Travel To Cofete

Although it might not be easy to access, as the road can be a bit bumpy, you should still plan a trip to Cofete, which is the most beautiful beach you will find in Fuerteventura. This is because it has managed to remain unspoiled over the years, providing visitors with spectacular views and a quiet place to enjoy their holidays. It’s best to be prepared, so make sure you pick up a few snacks, if you plan on spending the whole day there.

Visit Oasis Park

If you are looking for a fun family-friendly adventure, make sure you visit Oasis Park. This is one of the most amazing animal parks in the Canaries, loved by many tourists. It’s also the only animal park in Fuerteventura, where you can enjoy breath-taking views and wander through the largest cactus garden in the Canary Islands. In addition, you can book some great animal shows, that will keep you and your family entertained for the whole day. Be sure to go for the Bird’s of Prey and let your kids watch all the different animals at Kid’s Farm.

As you can see, Fuerteventura deserves a spot on your travel list this year, so make sure you note down these ideas and suggestions to make the most of your trip.

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