Cambridgeshire has more to offer than its well-known university, it has many beautiful places to discover.

The city is filled with picturesque walks just waiting to be discovered and a day out here is perfect for all, regardless of age. Here we touch upon some of our favourite walking trails in Cambridgeshire, UK, which we recommend visiting if you are in the area.

Ely Cathedral and River Trail (1h 8min Trail / Easy)

The Ely Cathedral trail runs past the river Ouse and is considered a less demanding route – it is wheelchair accessible and is also a perfect spot to go running, walking, or hiking.

The circular walk is mostly flat with just one slight descent. You can start near Market Square in Ely, with parking being available nearby in the city centre, or if you prefer, Ely train station is within walking distance of the starting point.

Walking Trails in Cambridgeshire

Cambridge to Ely: Cam Towpath, Hailing Way, and Fen Rivers (5h 44min Trail / Easy)

This 27.0km trail is not for the faint-hearted, taking you from Cambridge over to Ely. The route takes slightly under six hours to complete, depending on your ability. You may consider staying in Ely for the night before making your return to Cambridge the next day unless you plan to finish it within the day.

The route is considered easier than others on this list due to the trail being partially paved and relatively difficult to get lost. Although, this route can get a little muddy after it rains, so aim to wear suitable footwear and bring a rain jacket along with you. For London-based travellers, you can get the train back from Cambridge to London bridge, giving your legs a rest after your arduous journey.

River Cam: Cambridge to Grantchester

A popular route amongst locals and visitors, this walk is perfect to undertake all year round. Altogether, the river Cam takes three miles to get to the Orchard Tea Garden. Following the twists and turns of the river, you will be guided through the local nature reserve, where you will then continue to find Skaters Meadow in Grantchester. As you arrive here, you are met with a variety of charming tea gardens and an eight-acre village to immerse yourself in.

Waterbeach Station to Anglesey Abbey (2h 47min Trail / Moderate)

A slightly more challenging trail, with typically fewer people around walking along the riverside. The convenient start at the Waterbeach station is great for commuters wanting to get out of the city or go on a moderately long walk without the need for a car.

You can explore the Anglesey Abbey on this trail and take in the Jacobian history, or you can return to Waterbeach Station.

Fen River: Ely to Downham Market (2h 47min Trail / Moderate)

Another challenging route, the walk to Downham Market is 28.8km from the starting point near Ely. This route will take you just under 6 hours to complete, so make sure you are prepared, bringing along with you hiking gear, water, and sun cream, depending on the time of year.

As you make your way towards Downham Market, you will approach salter lode lock and Denver Sluice, indicating you are almost at the end of your river journey.

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