Experts in sensitive skin since 1997, Green People firmly believes that everyone should be able to wash without the worry of skin irritation and has reimagined its scent-free hair and body care collection with new Prebiotic formulations that soothe, balance and protect.  Naturally free from SLS, fragrance and essential oils (all known triggers of skin irritation), the certified organic collection is eczema-friendly and formulated with gentle, natural actives chosen for their ability to calm, soothe and repair for healthier skin and scalp balance.

Scent Free collection

Key actives include:

  • Prebiotics: Protect and balance the microbiome for naturally healthier skin
  • Aloe Vera: Soothes and hydrates to support skin healing
  • Olive Squalane: Has emollient properties that are ideal for moisturising eczema-prone skin
  • Seaweed Complex: Boosts hair hydration and protects against scalp irritation

Designed to take the sting out of your shower routine, Green People’s 5-piece scent-free hair and body care collection starts from £13.50 and is available from

Vegan and cruelty free, all the squeezy tubes are made from sugar cane plastic with the deodorant bottle being made from recyclable and recycled plastic.

scent-free hair and body care

NEW Scent Free Shampoo – £17.00 (200ml)

Wash your hair without the worry of scalp irritation with Green People’s new unscented shampoo. Purify, nourish, hydrate!  When harsh shampoos leave your scalp all out of sorts, find calm with our dermatologically tested Scent Free Shampoo. A hydrating lift for limp hair, a little of this soothing shampoo goes a long way to restore strength and shine to all hair types.  With no SLS, fragrance or essential oils, all the family can wash away dull, dry hair without the worry of aggravating an itchy scalp.  Suitable for sensitive skin, this skin-kind shampoo gives great hair hydration as well as soothing your scalp. It’s awash with a moisture-boosting complex of 3 sustainably sourced seaweeds rich in hair-shine Polysaccharides. Perfect for protecting straightened, bleached and chemically damaged hair! Available at

NEW Scent Free Conditioner – £17.00 (200ml)

A natural, organic and fragrance-free conditioner for scalp comfort and easy-to-comb hair.  There’s no need to worry about tugging your tangles or irritating an itchy scalp or neck with this fragrance-free conditioner. Eczema friendly and clinically proven to be kind to sensitive skin., you won’t find any essential oils or fussy fragrances here!  We’ve crammed this sugar cane plastic tube full of hair-hydrating Aloe Vera and conditioning Quinoa Protein. These nutrient-rich plants soothe, de-tangle and nourish for fabulously silky, frizz-free hair.  This light conditioner gives your hair a lift, promoting full-body thickness. And you can wash away any worry of it weighing down your hair. This creamy conditioner is the one for avoiding product build-up as there’s not a silicone in sight. Just naturally nourishing actives for beautiful strong, shiny hair.  Available at

scent-free hair and body care

NEW Scent Free Shower Gel – £17.00 (200ml)

Discover a skin-kind barrier boost in your shower with Green People’s new Scent Free Shower Gel for sensitive skin.  Enjoy pure skin comfort as its dermatologically tested formula gently cleanses your face and body with skin-kind, eczema-friendly bubbles. Perfect for bath or shower!  Packed with plant-based Polysaccharides for lasting hydration, soothing organic Aloe Vera washes a wave of calm over your skin whilst balancing Prebiotics give a protective skin barrier boost.    Completely free from synthetic scents and essential oils, this scent-free shower gel is eczema-friendly and a top-pick product for easily irritated or sensitive skin. Available at

scent-free hair and body care

NEW Scent Free Body Lotion – £27.00 (150ml)

Designed for barrier repair, this unscented body lotion is our must-have moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin.  With moisture-binding action from Glycerine and emollient softening from Olive Squalane, your dry skin will drink up this deeply hydrating lotion! Dermatologically tested, non-sticky and quick to absorb. A little goes a long way to leave dry patches beautifully soft, smooth and moisturised.  Suitable for sensitive skin and those that may be prone to eczema or psoriasis, this fragrance-free body lotion not only softens skin, but it also strengthens it! Rich in balancing Prebiotics, and reparative Perilla, its barrier-boost formula soon locks in soft, calm skin comfort.  Perfect for those that prefer their body lotion without fragrance, there’s no essential oils or synthetic perfumes to worry about. No skin-drying alcohols either! Just feel-good skin softness for your sensitive skin to enjoy!  Available at

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