Lifting the weight of the world: redefining strength for women over 45 experiencing perimenopause through the lens of celebrity photographer Ray Burmiston.

Celebrity photographer Ray Burmiston, who has photographed everyone from Kylie to Kate Moss, Olivia Colman to Jennifer Saunders, turned his lens on the everyday women who make up We Are Fit Attitude (WAFA), a health and fitness club for female members only, aged 45 and above, showing them just how strong they are regardless of their body shape.


Women’s fitness for this age group is often misrepresented in the public space, and misleading stereotypes can add extra pressure, limit opportunities and alter self-image. The inspiring ‘Strong Woman’ project, led by WAFA founder Anna Jenkins, highlights the resilience, beauty, and life experiences of women in the club, navigating the journey of menopause and older age together.
Anna Jenkins, the driving force behind WAFA, who gave members a free chance to have their own very special portrait taken by Ray, says, “I help women celebrate who they are, redefining perceptions of ageing and enjoying life without carrying the weight of the world, but the weight they’re comfortable with. While we work hard at the club to build physical strength, we also focus on mental wellbeing – many women our age can often feel invisible, ground down by negative self-talk, body shaming, caring responsibilities and coping with the menopause. Instead, we keep lifting, challenging, and thriving for

Ray adds, “Photography has the means to go beyond physical appearance and shift the narrative. I was drawn to this project by the possibility of redefining a woman’s value based on her experiences, strengths, and remarkable stories, not her age and body shape. I’ve witnessed the changes women can experience as they mature and this is my way of saying to them that they’re on a path of their own.”
Paying homage to his national Take a Moment exhibition, photographer Ray Burmiston also took snaps of the WAFA women with their eyes shut, promoting the importance of mental health next to some of the biggest stars in entertainment.


WAFA is an award-winning, women-only, health and fitness club in London and UK-wide online which celebrates women’s strength beyond body shape. The community is targeted at women predominantly aged 45+ up into late 70s who need help to build their strength, find a safe space where they can train and enjoy exercise happily, and improve their fitness at this important time of their lives.

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