Agadir, a captivating city located along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast, is a gem that combines modernity with rich cultural heritage. Known for its year-round mild climate and stunning seaside vistas, Agadir serves as a gateway to the enchanting world of Moroccan landscapes, culture, and history – and the best part? It’s less than a 4-hour flight from the UK!

Founded in 1505 by the Portuguese, Agadir has evolved significantly over the centuries. However, it was the devastating earthquake in 1960 that reshaped its destiny, leading to a complete reconstruction with innovative urban planning and architecture that distinguish it from other Moroccan cities. Today’s Agadir is characterized by wide avenues lined with palm trees, modern hotels, and European-style cafes, yet it retains a strong sense of Moroccan identity.

The city’s heart is its magnificent beachfront—a sprawling coastline adorned with golden sands where both locals and tourists can relax in the sunshine or for the more adventurous among us, there are various water sports to get the adrenaline pumping. Beyond leisure at the beach, Agadir boasts an impressive marina, home to a plethora of luxurious yachts and plenty of upscale shops and restaurants to while away a sunny afternoon and enjoy a spot of local cuisine.

The View Hotel Agadir

Cultural enthusiasts will find solace in exploring the remnants of the ancient Kasbah on a hill overlooking the city—a testament to Agadir’s resilience. The panoramic view from this historic fortress at sunset is truly breathtaking.

Moreover, Agadir serves as an excellent starting point for excursions into the Anti-Atlas Mountains or trips to nearby Berber villages where traditional lifestyles are preserved. Whether you’re wandering through its bustling souks filled with vibrant crafts or enjoying serene moments by its tranquil shores, Agadir promises an unforgettable journey into Morocco’s splendid diversity.

Have I persuaded you to enjoy the delights of this city full of eastern promise? If you have plans to visit Agadir, then you must stay at The View, this beachfront hotel at the foot of the famous Kasbah is the jewel in the crown of the sprawling promenade and offers unparalleled oceanic vistas.

The View Hotel Agadir

I spent a weekend luxuriating at this sunkissed retreat and come Monday morning, I was extremely reluctant to leave.

Travelling with my husband, we arrived at the hotel on a sunny Friday morning and were greeted by a beautifully turned-out concierge team who whisked away our luggage and served us fresh mint tea in a beautiful lounge overlooking the perfectly manicured pool area, while we waited a short time for our room to be ready.

The hotel is light and airy, contemporary but with purposeful nods to Moroccan traditions. Our room was wonderfully spacious, immaculately clean and bathed in white and the signature ocean blue colour scheme. The well-appointed suite enjoyed a large bathroom, huge bed and gorgeous balcony with ocean views, and all the mod cons would could wish for, fluffy robes, slippers, luxurious bathing products and a well-stocked minibar and fresh fruit bowl – a great start to any weekend!

Not wanting to waste any of our short weekend break, we grabbed the beach bag and headed down to the pool area, a sprawling mosaic of exotic palm trees and turquoise pools lined with day beds and loungers adorned with pillows and huge fluffy beach towels, the devil is in the detail!

The one thing I must mention about Morocco as a whole is the people, who were incredibly friendly and welcoming from the off, and none so much as the staff at The View Hotel. There are pool attendants ready to help you with a fresh towel or to move your lounger to the perfect position, or of course to provide the pasty Brits a little shelter from the sun with a parasol. The View Hotel Agadir takes pride in creating an atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. Each interaction with the staff leaves guests feeling valued and respected, with every request met with promptness and a smile. Whether you need assistance planning your day in Agadir, recommendations for local cuisine or help with room amenities, the team is always on hand to make your stay memorable.

A short stroll to the edge of the grounds, and facing out toward the ocean, we found the pool bar and restaurant which serves a delightful menu of light snacks and meals alongside a full bar service. I couldn’t resist the tempura aubergine washed down with a crisp glass of The View’s own Moroccan white wine, whilst my husband enjoyed a freshly baked pizza covered in succulent seafood. I couldn’t believe I was in Manchester a mere 5 hours earlier! The staff were great here too and happy to serve us drinks back on our loungers all afternoon whilst subtle chillout music gently floated on the Morrocan breeze from the outdoor speakers. From the moment you step through the grand entrance of this hotel, you are welcomed into a world where your comfort and satisfaction are the highest priority. Fabulous!

I’d like to tell you that we embraced our (non existant) spirits of adventure and headed out to explore Agadir, but in truthfulness, we had one weekend to spend here and after the washout that has been the British springtime so far, we were more than happy to cocoon ourselves in the sanctuary of this beautiful hotel for a couple of days and truly relax.

We did, however, venture onto the promenade for a stroll along the oceanfront and enjoyed a couple of drinks at a local bar. The culture is very different here, so don’t expect Benidorm vibes, there are a lot of places that don’t serve alcohol and the atmosphere is very chill, it’s not party central, and I loved it! The last thing I want from a weekend in another country is to be surrounded by British bars and English breakfasts – each to their own I guess.

The View Hotel Agadir

Speaking of food – the hotel boasts various dining options and we were really impressed by both the Italian and Morrocan offerings.

I was delighted by another aubergine dish in the Italian, tasty roasted eggplant smothered in a rich cheese sauce – love! My husband enjoyed a shrimp risotto which was gone before I could shake my fork in his direction so I’m guessing it was tasty! We finished up with a delicious Tiramisu – do not visit this restaurant and leave without trying it!

The Moroccan restaurant is just as wonderful, with spectacular decor, contemporary but with a very traditional Moroccan vibe. There was even live Moroccan music which I found super relaxing as we tucked into our tasty tagines.

I also have to mention the most fabulous breakfast offering I have EVER seen. I have a particular penchant for cheese and I lucked out here, there was a whole fromagerie to go out and one of the team was happy to create a personalised cheese plate for me – how truly decadent! Not a cheese fan? Don’t worry, you can dig into freshly baked pastries, all manner of exotic fruits, freshly made hot food and omelettes, and there is a beautiful fish bar crammed with smoked salmon and the like. There is also a purpose-built Illy coffee bar which pleased my husband no end, and me, he’s a nightmare without his morning caffeine! They have literally thought of everything – it is incredible!

The View Hotel Agadir

After relaxing at this wonderful hotel for three days, we both agreed that we would love to return to Agadir and without question, we would book to stay at The View. The staff are fantastic, the facilities are second to none, the food is fabulous and the rooms are beautiful.

As I said at the beginning, I was very reluctant to leave both the hotel and the country – Morocco has won me over and we will be back. My advice? Get online and book your trip to this wonderfully welcoming land, and you must stay at this hotel – tell them I sent you.

Words by Joanne Brook-Smith

The View Agadir

Adresse : Boulevard 20 août, Agadir – Maroc

Phone :+212 528 294 040


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