Many of us tend to opt for the same pizza we know and love and that means classics like the humble margherita, or the staple of a good pepperoni pizza top our lists of most popular pizzas.

When it comes to trying new pizza toppings, we’re usually quite hesitant, but it means we’re missing out on some unique experiences when it comes to pizza. Putting aside the classic internet arguments about what does and doesn’t belong on pizza, let’s look at some of the more unusual pizza toppings that you just need to try.

Nacho Chips

We’re probably all familiar with a Mexican-inspired pizza, complete with ground beef, chilli and other quintessential Mexican cuisine ingredients, but how many of us have thought about adding a few nachos onto our pizza? It makes total sense, combining the cheese and ground beef with nachos, and it’s something you’ve likely done outside of making a pizza, so why not try it the next time you’re making pizza in your outdoor pizza oven? It works best on larger pizzas, like the 16” ones that a pizza oven like the Ooni Koda 16 is capable of making.


Roasted beetroot is a surprisingly good addition to pizza, particularly when you pair it with something salty. Depending on what you put with it, thinly sliced and roasted or cubed and roasted beetroot might work better, but that earthy delicious taste of beetroot is at home on almost any pizza. Try it with some caramelised onions and the saltiness of fresh feta in addition to reducing the amount of mozzarella cheese you use for a healthier pizza option. Beetroot is a hardy crop to add to your home garden too if you want to add an element of farm to table into your pizza toppings.

If you’re ever in Irving, Texas, and craving a unique pizza experience, explore local menus for a beetroot pizza in Irving, Texas—it’s a delightful twist on the traditional pie. This innovative option is becoming a favorite for those who enjoy a blend of rustic and gourmet flavors.

An Egg

The breakfast pizza appearing on restaurant menus isn’t too uncommon, but it’s a good bet that not many of us have tried it. Simply prepare your pizza like normal using your favourite ingredients, then crack an egg right on the centre of the pizza and cook the pizza like you usually would. Take it a step further and add bacon, sausage and mushrooms for a full fry-up style pizza.

Jalapeno Poppers

Chilis like Jalapenos are not at all uncommon on pizza, either fresh or pickled. Why not get a little extra with your jalapenos and first make a couple of jalapeno poppers, either wrapped in bacon or beer battered, then sliced and added as you usually would to your pizza. It adds a level of complexity to the flavour that the jalapeno adds and may even help reduce the heat they provide if you use a great feta or ricotta cheese filling.

Battered or Crumbed Protein

Next time you add chicken to your pizza, why not use a cut up schnitzel or chicken nuggets instead? How about a seafood pizza with deep-fried crumbed calamari instead of the more common grilled option? In line with the jalapeno poppers, this will help bring more flavour and even a bit of welcome crunch to the pizza. It might not be very traditional, but why not experiment a bit with other crumbed or battered toppings – even onion rings!

Caramelised Onions

Caramelised onions are one of the more common pizza toppings on this list, but they are so often overlooked that they had to be included. They make a fantastic topping when combined in a vegetarian pizza with salty feta cheese or olives and they make a great addition to the beetroot we discussed earlier. Instead of using fresh onion, try giving your onion a quick pan fry to brown it and release the natural sugars before using it as a pizza topping.

Honey-Glazed Anything

Honey is one of nature’s greatest foods, and it’s no different when it comes to pizza. Try using honey-glazed proteins like chicken or pork (ribs or pulled pork) for a very subtle and complex sweet flavour to your next pizza. If you’re in the pineapple on pizza camp, a honey glazed meat is the perfect pairing to pineapple on your pizza. Using honey-glazed ham with pineapple can up the complexity of a Hawaiian pizza in no time at all.

Dessert Pizza

Leaving behind the safe space of the savoury main meal and heading cautiously in the realm of the dessert pizza might sound like madness at first, but that’s because you’ve never tried it! The possibilities here are endless, particularly if you want to experiment with a deeper dish pizza base. Try chocolate, apple or even berries on your dessert pizza for a tasty end to a meal. To get started, use a hazelnut or chocolate spread as the sauce and add different chocolates as the topping to create a rich and delicious chocolate pizza.

Pizzas are like edible plates, and you should make pizzas with that philosophy in mind. Break out of your comfort zone and try some more uncommon or strange pizza toppings and you might just find you like them more!

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