El Bandarra, the aperitivo brand from Barcelona, celebrates the arrival of good weather by capturing the essence of the summer sunshine in their new gift pack: Barcelona in a box. 

Barcelona in a box is more than an aperitivo gift pack. This exclusive metal box designed by a Barcelona artist, Ricard Jorge, showcases a design inspired by the vintage image of the 50’s aperitivo brands and includes everything you need to make what Sunday’s Brunch renamed as “Barcelona’s sunshine in a glass”: 1L bottle of El Bandarra Al Fresco, 1 bottle of tonic and a tumbler glass. 

Fill the glass with ice, add one part of Al Fresco, 2 parts of tonic and garnish with a slice of orange to enjoy an Al Fresco & Tonic! Find it at their online store for only £34.99.

El Bandarra Al Fresco is the natural and refreshing aperitivo made with Spanish wines and Mediterranean botanicals that El Bandarra created to go with tonic or even cava. It truly tastes like Barcelona in a bottle! This time, they have partnered with the Spanish artist Ricard Jorge to create a unique design inspired by the vintage imagery of the 50’s aperitivo brands for the box. The perfect gift to celebrate good weather! 

About El Bandarra 

A refreshing range of natural aperitivos from Barcelona crafted from quality Spanish wine and Mediterranean botanicals. The Bandarra bottle design reflects a time when the bars of Barcelona hand painted the tapas they offered on their windows with colourful lettering to passers-by. 

El Bandarra was founded by twins Alex Virgili and Albert Virgili with Alex leading the sales team and Albert being the mastermind behind the marketing team. The twins’ goal is to lead a new wave of entrepreneurs in the drinks business with their revolutionary ideas, category-challenging products and one-of-a-kind events and parties. They both have drawn on their experience in the wine industry to create a range of ground-breaking natural, wine-based aperitivos, El Bandarra, which reflect the rituals and culture of Barcelona. 

The El Bandarra range includes El Bandarra Al Fresco, Blanco, Rojo and Rosé Aperitivos.

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