There’s nothing quite like sharing a glass of fizz with friends and family in the sunshine. And with National Prosecco Day on the 13th of August this year, what better way to celebrate than popping open a fresh bottle (or two)?

However, if your eyes were bigger than your belly and you couldn’t finish off that last bottle, be sure to make the most of it and avoid throwing away flat fizz. To help us get the most out of our bubbly this summer, Bottled & Boxed share their top tips on how to keep prosecco sparkling for longer.

National Prosecco Day – The teaspoon trick

The teaspoon trick has a little controversy around it, with some debate as to whether it’s a tried and tested hack or something of a kitchen myth. However, it seems that placing a teaspoon (handle down) in the neck of the bottle before you put it in the fridge may just help to retain the bubbles in your favourite wine for a little longer.

Believers in this method claim that the cold metal of the spoon cools down the air around the neck of the bottle, which makes it denser and allows fewer bubbles to escape from the surface of the wine. The spoon technique is more of a short-term solution, though, so aim to finish the bottle off the very next day to really feel the benefit, and most importantly, always keep your bottle as cold as possible.

National Prosecco Day – Reusing corks

While a champagne cork expands once you remove it, meaning you can’t push it back in as a makeshift stopper, most prosecco corks can actually be reused. You can do this by simply inserting the cork back into the neck of the bottle at an angle and twisting the cork slowly as you push it down. For stubborn ones that need a little help, cut a small square of wax paper and wrap it round the bottom of the cork. Place the cork back in the bottle and slowly push it back in, without twisting this time so you don’t wrinkle the paper. Then you’ll have a free wine stopper!

If you’re feeling particularly crafty — and steady-handed! — prosecco corks can also be trimmed down with a knife to narrow them back down again. To avoid them crumbling and leaving debris in your fizz, a smart hack is steaming your corks over boiling water for ten minutes to make them easier to cut. Remember to use a sharp knife and only trim a small amount from the cork, narrowing it down just enough to fit back in the bottle and trap air pressure inside.

National Prosecco Day – Wine stoppers

If you’d rather opt for a more reliable, permanent method than the teaspoon trick or reused corks, you can always try a wine stopper. Usually fitted with a rubber seal, they essentially act as replacement corks and are a very affordable solution. Decorative or personalised wine stoppers have become a popular gift, and some models even have a built-in spout that allows you to pour a glass or two without spoiling (or spilling) your sparkling wine.

While standard stoppers are the most common way of preserving fizz and do seal out the air, some oxidisation will still occur inside the bottle. For a more functional rather than decorative product, try a vacuum stopper that removes the oxygen from your prosecco or champagne to make it last that bit longer. Whichever variety you choose, it’s worth buying a good quality model as some cheaper options can have a poor seal, or even pop off the bottle unexpectedly!

National Prosecco Day

National Prosecco Day – High-tech preservation stoppers

This one’s for the fizz connoisseurs out there. If you’re a Champagne or prosecco enthusiast, then it could be worth investing in a more high-tech preservation system like a Coravin. Although it was originally designed for still wines, Coravin now have a specialised model that can preserve your fizz for up to four weeks.

With a stopper system charged by slim canisters of carbon dioxide, these are impressive and highly effective pieces of kit. However, this inevitably means they have a higher price point and so would only be the kind of investment for those who regularly enjoy high-quality sparkling wines.

Whichever method you go for, the key thing to remember is to keep your bottles chilled from the get-go: cold liquids retain their dissolved gas far better than those that have warmed to room temperature (Scientific American). So, why not add an extra touch of class to your dinner table and use an ice bucket or a decorative cooler sleeve to hold your fizz? Not only will this make your drinks more refreshing this summer, but these very affordable pieces can make all the difference to preserving their sparkle too.

With all that said, bottoms up!

“A cold bottle of fizz is perfect for a summer’s day spent in the garden with friends and family. But, if they aren’t stored properly, many bottles of prosecco will unfortunately go to waste.

“There are plenty of ways you can keep the sparkle going for longer, ranging from at-home hacks to more high-tech solutions. For instance, what you might not know is that although flutes and coupes are popular choices for serving bubbly, using standard wine glasses will actually make your prosecco to taste better and last longer.

“Whichever method you choose, properly storing and preserving your sparkling wines is a key skill to master. So, celebrate National Prosecco Day this August by popping open a bottle of fizz, and most importantly, make it last!”

Steve King, Managing Director at Bottled & Boxed

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