These are the Best Farmers Markets in the UK to Explore This Summer, According to Food Experts

  • The best farmers markets in the UK have been revealed, with markets in Winchester, Taunton, Edinburgh and Blackheath in South East London coming out on top 
  • Data has ranked farmers markets in the UK by how often they occur each month, how long the markets last, number of trade stalls and online ratings
  • Interest in farmers markets is on the rise with searches for regional markets on ‘breakout’ on Google Trends (up >5000%)
Best Farmers Markets

Data has revealed the UK’s best farmers markets based on how often they occur each month, how long the markets last, number of trade stalls and online ratings. 

Farmers markets in Winchester, Taunton, Edinburgh and Blackheath have come out on top in research carried out by food experts.

So, where in the UK can you find the best farmers marketsRecipe box provider, HelloFresh, have revealed the best of the best by analysing how often they occur, how long they last, the number of traders/producers, and online ratings

It has been revealed that Winchester Farmers Market in the south of England is the best in the UK, followed by Taunton Farmers Market in Somerset, and Edinburgh Farmers Market in Scotland.

The 20 Best Farmers Markets in the UK

Winchester Farmers Market, Hampshire

Truro Farmers Market, Cornwall

Edinburgh Farmers Market, central Scotland

Blackheath Farmers Market, South East London

Taunton Farmers Market, Somerset

Cowbridge Farmers Market, South Glamorgan, Wales

Stirling Farmers Market, central Scotland

Barnes Farmers Market, South London

Haverfordwest Farmers Market, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Stroud Green Market, Gloucestershire

Perth Farmers Market, central Scotland

Causeway Specialty Market, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Cardiff Riverside Farmers Market, South East Wales

Malton Monthly Food Market, North Yorkshire

The Garage Farmers Market, Nottingham

Ripley Farmers Market, North Yorkshire

Moseley Farmers Market, Birmingham

Hexham Farmers Market, Northumberland

Orton Farmers Market, Cumbria

Barnard Castle Farmers Market, County Durham

    Why are Farmers Markets more popular than ever?

    Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the UK’s freshest produce, with farmers and horticulturists gathering in their local area to sell their finest stock.

    Best Farmers Markets

    Not only can you find the best produce at farmers markets, but you can also make a day of it by trying delicious foods and even visiting the local village or town, which is why they’re so popular.

    Searches for regional markets such as ‘Manchester farmers market’, ‘Cheltenham farmers market’ and ‘Twickenham farmers market’ see searches on breakout on Google Trends (up >5000%).

    Not only have they discovered the best farmers markets in the UK, but HelloFresh are also helping people create fresh and flavoursome recipes with the type of fresh ingredients you’ll find at the market.

    Mimi Morley, Senior Chef at HelloFresh has given her recommendations on what to cook with your local produce.

    “What can you buy at a farmers market? Typically, farmers markets sell a huge variety of meats, fruit and vegetables. This is because it’s fresh produce grown and nurtured in the UK and picked by the highest quality producers before heading to the market.

    Best Farmers Markets

    “If you’re a vegetarian, looking for high quality, fresh produce from the farmers markets, then I highly recommend making a vegetable tagine. This dish can be jam packed full of flavour and tastes even better knowing its ingredients were grown by UK farmers.

    “Some of the finest meat cuts can be found amongst the trade stands. So, why not make a succulent sirloin steak with your favourite sauce and chips. Or make a classic chicken roast dinner when you head back home from the market.”

    For meats such as beef and chicken, and vegetarian and vegan food inspiration, explore HelloFresh’s range of recipe ideas to see what you can do with your farmers market buys.

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