Keeping their reign of top ten rankings since 2012, Denmark has been named the second happiest country in the world (after Finland) in this year’s World Happiness Report*.

From their renowned outdoor living concept to their idea of having just enough, the Danes are truly continuing to live their best lives and it’s time to take a leaf out of their book… 

As one of the country’s leading natural and organic body and hair care brands, Copenhagen Urtekram is here to save the day, with their top three tips on how Brits can inject more happiness into daily life…

Tip One: Embracing Nature

Joy, consideration, and appreciation of the natural world, as well as each other, are second nature to the inhabits of Nordic Countries. Getting outside, whatever the weather, is deeply ingrained into the culture and there is value put into spending time outdoors and connecting with nature. ‘Friluftsliv’translates to ‘free-air-living’ and is something the Nordic people practice daily. Now, we are the first to point out that sometimes, spending time outside in the UK is often weather permitting. But don’t worry, Urtekram offers a way for you to forest bathe inside, in the cosiness of your own home. And it comes in the form of the Rise & Shine Spicy Orange Blossom Nourishing Day Cream (available here, RRP £8.50). Helping the skin to transition back to resilience and radiance, this product is more than just skincare, but a whole-body sensory experience, bringing balance and calm to the mind, just as time spent in nature would. So don’t worry, next time it’s raining outside, this forest in a bottle is your next best thing. 

Tip Two: Gratitude

In this society, it can be easy to compare and wish for more, but the key to happiness is feeling grateful for the things you do have and not those you don’t. The norwegian concept of ‘Passelig’ means to have just enough, not too little and not too much – and with budgets tighter than ever in the UK, one to really take on board. So, try a self-massage gratitude ritual using the brand’s calm infusing Soothing Lavender Body Lotion (available here, RRP £11). When using the lotion in the morning, opt for a dynamic flow massage to increase the energy in the body and set yourself up for the day. Use upward strokes towards the heart and circular motions around each joint to create flow, and as you massage, set your intention for the day, think: what am I grateful for today and how do I want to show up?

Tip Three: Celebrating Community 

Embracing community and being there for each other, whether a friend or stranger, is one of the biggest keys to a happy life in Denmark. Whether it’s finding joy in the little things or honing in on the feeling of togetherness, the shared moments of ‘Koselig’ (cosy living) are something to hold onto. Try doing something for someone you love, it could be surprising them with their favourite flowers or gifting them a self-care related present like Urtekram’s Wild Lemongrass Hand Cream (available here, RRP £4.95). This way, you can remind them to slow down and connect to themselves, those around them, and nature in life’s busiest moments. 

Urtekram can be purchased online at the Urtekram Amazon shop, Superdrug Marketplace, The Fragrance Shop,, Planet Organic, as well as at Wholefoods Market & Independent Health Stores

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