Whilst continually changing, there are some age-old seasonal trends that last all season long, and Swiss nail care brand Mavala’s in-house nail expert Lynn Mason shares her predictions and prescriptions for 2023. For more information about what’s new in nail art, visit Polish Pops.

Nail Trends For 2023 – Healthy Hands

2022 saw a rise in scalp care, with a huge increase in popularity of scalp maintenance videos booming on TikTok. In 2023, the same fascination is set to happen for the hands, and age spots, cracked hands and dry cuticles will be nowhere to be seen.

Lynn says “New age nail influencers such as Nicole Peltz-Beckham and Hailey Bieber all have one thing in common… beautiful, healthy hands. Looking after your hands can help reduce signs of ageing and will always make a mani look 10x better. Try an overnight nourishing mask to help boost hydration, reduce lines and age spots, and ALWAYS remember to put SPF on your hands too!”

Try the Mavala Repairing Night Cream for hands, a thick and nutritious cream that is put on overnight, with gloves to help the moisture soak in. It contains hyaluronic acid and silk amino acids, moisturizing, allantoin, soothing and shea butter, nourishing and repairing.

Mavala Repairing Night Cream for Hands, Harrods, £48.50

Nail Trends For 2023 – Almond Shape

Lynn says “Nail shape trends can often be hard to maintain, as the last few years longer, more pointed shapes have been in vogue which means regular acrylic appointments which can be high maintenance. Thankfully, the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ is here to stay, and the simple almond shape is back in trend for 2023 which can be easily achieved with natural nails making it more budget friendly as well as better for the nails

To achieve the ideal almond shape, you’ll need a good nail file such as the Mavala Emery Boards. Use long strokes to diagonally sculpt the edges out the sides of the nail. When you have your nails to the desired angle of almond, round off the top of the nail with your board, and ensure you keep your nail file on you to prevent breakages

Mavala Emery Boards, FeelUnique, £5

Nail Trends For 2023 – Pastel Chrome

Whilst often associated with Spring months, Pastel colours are always very aesthetic for the earlier months in the year. For something a little more modern, Chrome pastels are going to be popular this year.

Lynn says “Following the popularity of shows such as Euphoria this year, everyday glitter and shimmer has become much more widely accepted, not just for the evening. Mavala’s Prismatic Collection is the embodiment of subtle shimmer and gives off the subtle hues that catch the eye as they reflect light. Darker shades such as Nordic Light, Flower Light and Solar Light are really show stopping, whereas Fairy Light and Pink light are far more subtle, and are also ideal for the ‘Glazed doughnut nail trend’

Mavala Prismatic Collection, Nailpolishdirect.co.uk, £6.40 per polish

Nail Trends For 2023 – French mani

Every year the French mani has some kind of rebrand, whether its different coloured tips, textures or shapes. 2023 sees the return of the classic white however, with many people opting for more classic nail designs as the cost-of-living crisis threatens more regular nail appointments. Designs such as this are always timeless, as they’re neat, fresh and easy to maintain.”

The Mavala French Manicure Sets are so easy to use that you can easily achieve this classic look at home. Using the guides and mini polishes, this set can create 10 perfect French Manicures from home” 

Mavala French Manicure Set, JohnLewis.com, £17.20

Nail Trends For 2023 – Going Goth

After the success of ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix, everyone is going goth! Inspired by Jemma Ortega’s deep plum lipstick and short black nails in her portrayal of death loving Wednesday, dark colours are pipped to be big in the new year, especially throughout the colder months.

“Black nails look best on short square nails as they avoid that ‘witchy look’ (Although in this case that might be what you’re going for!) Reapply a top coat to your mani every second day to ensure it is ultra shiny and doesn’t chip. Even Wednesday has immaculate nails!”

Black is available from nailpolishdirect.co.uk, £5.80

Nail Trends For 2023 – The rise of the modern Metaverse mani

The rise of the Metaverse and new social media platforms expected to launch (thanks Elon), mean Mavala’s 2023 Winter collection hits the mark with a Digital Revolution. Based on futuristic augamented reality, the new Digital Art nail collection contains 6 wearable shades that are sleek, simple and modern.

Lynn says “Mavala’s research team in Geneva are fantastic at spotting trends ahead of release, and these modern, straight to the point colours will be seen everywhere in 2023. Simple, nude washs of colour are practical, clean and neat, whereas darker colours are sophisticated and modern, ideal for this futuristic reality we’re all starting to live in”

£6.40 per nail polish available from nailpolishdirect.co.uk now or in store from January.

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