Your Dry Eyes may be making you appear older – here’s why (and what you can do about it!)

Suffering from itchy, gritty, watery eyes? You may be suffering from Dry Eyes, a condition that affects 8 in 10 people and is ironically not caused by a lack of tears, but in fact the quality of tears and a compromised tear barrier.

But what’s more, is that according to optometrist and founder of Peep Club, Nicola Alexander-Cross, while the itchy, gritty, scratchy symptoms of the condition are bad enough, Dry Eyes can make you appear older.

“If you look at a child’s eyes, they have sparkling white iris’ and huge reflections of light,” says Nicola. “These are called the Purkinje Images and are often captured in cartoon characters to illustrate how youthful the character is. When it comes to Dry Eyes, as the eye surface is not well hydrated, eyes can appear distorted to the naked eye as light will not reflect off them, resulting in eyes that appear dull, flat and aged.”

The solution, says Nicola, is getting ahead of the problem and looking to products that help to restore the barrier function of your eyes.

Here’s what can help…

A boost of hydration for prettier peepers

Dry eyes need extra hydration, simple as thatPeep Club Instant Relief Dry Eye Spray (£15) is formulated with super hydrator sodium hyaluronate, and sea buckthorn oil to fortify and mimic your tear barrier to make eyes instantly feel brighter and healthier.

A kick of coconut for barrier function

Peep Club Soothing Coconut Eye Balm (£20, 120ml) is a naturally antibacterial rich formula that soothes and nourishes. The protective balm very delicately replenishes the top layer of the eye film, keeping eyes protected from everyday irritants such as pollen and pollution as well as nourishing lashes which act as a first line of defence for eyes.

Up the humidity to replace lost moisture

The Peep Club Portable Hydrating Humidifier (£55) releases a gentle mist to replace moisture in the air, helping eyes to stay hydrated in-between blinks and combating the drying conditions of modern homes and workplaces. Nicola recommends, “Using a humidifier whilst you sleep also helps to replenish your eyes and hydrate your skin. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed with eyes more revitalised.”

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