We all know that beauty trends come and go, and eyebrow styles are no exception. From the thin brows of the 90s to laminated brows today, they are continually changing.

And on top of current trends, our eyebrows play a huge role in facial shape and everyday expressions, which is why when someone is experiencing hair loss it can be a big insecurity. 

In fact, Absolute Collagen has spotted that searches for ‘brow treatment for thin brows’ have risen by 200% and ‘eyebrow loss with age’ has increased by 100% over the last year.

So whether you are prone to overplucking, or are just finding that your brows have gotten thinner over the years, Eva Proudman, Trichologist at Absolute Collagen has shared everything you need to know about why you may be experiencing thinning eyebrows and how to promote growth:

“Ageing and menopausal changes in the body can play a huge role in hair loss. Your hormones fluctuate during menopause, causing oestrogen and progesterone to decrease. Oestrogen is particularly beneficial for the hair as it helps keep hair in the ‘growing phase’ for longer.

“Your diet can also affect your eyebrow growth. Try to maintain a balanced diet, specifically foods that include high levels of Vitamin D, selenium and zinc- such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish and red meat.

“If you are concerned about what might be causing eyebrow thinning, I would always recommend speaking to your GP. There can be many underlying factors at play here. Thyroid disorders can often cause thinning or loss of eyebrows as can some autoimmune conditions such as Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia.

“Finally, another major contributor is stress. If you are noticing your stress levels are increasingly difficult to manage, your hair health may also be feeling the effect. So, working out how to manage your stress levels, perhaps through meditation or exercise, can be vital in maintaining and improving hair health.”

Eva Proudman has offered advice on how to encourage your eyebrows to grow:

  1. Leave them alone

Firstly, if you are experiencing hair loss, try not to overpluck or wax your eyebrows, as tempting as this may be, over time the hair will not be able to regenerate.

One of the most common culprits of thin and sparse brows is due to over-plucking throughout a lifetime.

Our eyebrows have an important function, not only to our expressions, but the hairs help to stop sweat, dirt and debris from falling into the eyes.

  1. Consider your diet

Eating enough protein is vital as it supports the normal hair growth and shedding cycle. Make sure your diet includes foods that are rich in protein, such as lean meats, fish, and beans, which will help to provide the keratin that hair is made of.

Supplements can help boost the body’s nutrients that support hair follicle function and promote hair growth. For example, collagen is full of the amino acids your body needs to build keratin, a key protein in our hair, so by taking a daily liquid collagen supplement you can boost your levels further.

Another vital nutrient is Vitamin D, which supports the creation of new follicles and helps to regulate the immune system. If you are on a plant-based diet, Vitamin B Complex supplements can be instrumental in maintaining good hair health, and in ensuring you are getting enough of these vitamins.

  1. Try topical treatments

There are now a number of eyebrow and lash serums available that can effectively promote hair growth.

If you are considering this, try to look for products containing Keratin, peptides and soy protein.

  1.  Top up with makeup

And finally, don’t be afraid to use makeup to make your eyebrows seem fuller.

Eyebrow pencils are easy to get your hands on and don’t have to be expensive. Create the illusion of eyebrow hairs by adding subtle strokes of hair to any sparse spaces in your brows.

To take it one step further, find a volumizing brow gel that thickens the strands of hair for a fuller brow look.

To shop for liquid collagen supplements that can support your hair’s health, visit the Absolute Collagen website.

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