From split ends to tangled knots, Brits are searching for ways to protect and avoid damage to their hair this summer.

In fact, searches for ‘protect hair from sun damage’ have increased by 100% in the last three months and over on TikTok, the hashtag #healthyhair has garnered 52m views in the last month alone.

And while the importance of shielding our skin from the sun is well-known, protecting our hair is often overlooked. This can be especially damaging for those with bleached or coloured hair.

So, to help, Eva Proudman, Trichologist at Absolute Collagen explains why dyed hair is more susceptible to sun damage and how to protect your hair this summer:

“Protecting your hair from the harsh UV rays of summer is essential, especially for those who have dyed their natural hair.

“Dyed hair is often more dehydrated than undyed hair because the strong chemicals in dyes can weaken its internal structure, making it more prone to damage.

“Luckily, for those with dyed hair, there are some quick ways you can keep your hair safe from the sun. An easy way is by wearing a hat or cap to keep your head out of direct sunlight. It’s always advised to try to minimise any sun exposure to the hair, as you would with damaged skin.

dyed hair in the sun

“If you notice your hair becomes drier, frizzier, or duller in the summer this may be a sign of sun damage. This is because the sun breaks down the hair’s natural lipid layer, resulting in a loss of protection and reducing the hair’s ability to retain moisture.

“To prevent sun-damaged hair, start by selecting a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to support your hair.

“Products that include collagen are especially beneficial as the amino acids can enhance strength, volume, and protection. They not only offer an extra layer of protection but also penetrate the protein fibres, leaving your hair feeling smooth and looking shiny.

“To go one step further, supplements can help boost the body’s nutrients that support hair follicle function and promote hair growth. For example, collagen is a key protein in our scalp, so taking a daily liquid collagen supplement can boost your levels, resulting in stronger and thicker-looking hair.

“For the daytime, try slicking your hair back out of your face with a leave-in conditioner or a moisturising hair mask. This not only adds a layer of protection from external elements but also provides much-needed TLC to dehydrated locks, all while rocking the on-trend hairstyle.”

For more haircare advice or to shop for a strengthening, collagen-boosting shampoo and conditioner, visit the Absolute Collagen website.

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