Nordic beauty brand Urtekram is encouraging people to take a moment of peace and tune into a slower, Nordic-inspired lifestyle ahead of the party season next month by sharing their top tips on creating a regular hand massage ritual.

Your hands are one of the most important parts of your body after all, especially for those jobs where you’re at a computer all day! 

Collaborating with Denmark’s holistic well-being expert Line Friis, here are three techniques to increase blood circulation and give some TLC to the hands which carry you right through life:

1) Stretch your fingers backwards to open the meridians and create flow in the body. This will open the chakras, blood, and heart energy. Take one finger at a time and feel where the stretch starts and hold the finger in its stretch for several seconds. 

2) Wriggle the wrists back and forth, this will open up and loosen the joints. This will relax and release a lot of the fluid between the bones, especially beneficial for those sitting in front of a computer.  

3) Massage the trigger point between the thumb and index finger. Press deeply into the trigger point to massage the skin or circular movements around the thumb. Avoid this technique if you are pregnant.  For each technique, take a dollop of the hand cream and massage all over your hands.

Try pairing with one of Urtekram’s seasonal scents:

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