Emotions are running high at the moment, and whether you’re watching the season 4 finale of Stranger Things, or trying to work out how much you’ll need to save up for a ticket to Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour, there’s just one question. Do lash extensions pass the ultimate sad girl test?

Can you be sad and glamorous at the same time? Will the saltwater cause lash damage? Will a good cry make the lashes flip into your eyes, or even cause a potential eye infection?

International lash trainer at leading lash brand, Nouveau Lashes, Debbie Law recommends you try not to get too emotional or get your lashes wet at all in the first 24 hours after treatment. It would be best if you also avoid saunas, steam rooms and sunbeds until 48 hours after, and use oil-free make-up remover to allow the adhesive bonds to fully form.

“If the tears do start flowing, you should lightly pat around the area with a towel. Good quality lash extensions are made from synthetic materials, which hold their curl and shape even when they get wet, so aside from a quick brush through with a spoolie to keep them in check, you really don’t need to think about drying and styling them”

“At the end of the night, it’s best to use oil-free make-up remover to avoid damaging the bonds.” 

“Crying isn’t usually a problem for lash extensions, however, if you’re having regular cry-fests, you probably shouldn’t expect them to stay in tip top condition for the long term.

“Getting your lashes wet during a shower or daily cleansing routine is actually recommended to avoid infection, however, crying tears is not as simple,” explains Debbie. 

“Lash extension adhesive is made up of a chemical called cyanoacrylate, and so the salt and oils that the tear glands produce can weaken this chemical in the lash adhesive over time – causing early breakage.

“So use a good lash cleanser right after your sobbing session to remove any excess oil and salt left over from the tears – and avoid sleeping with dry tears.

“A lot of people also end up vigorously rubbing their eyes when they cry, so it’s crucial to be mindful whilst crying so as to not pull or tug on the lashes.”

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