Beauty resides in everyone, and through Convié’s creative approach to product creation, all customers can feel a part of the process—every step of the way. This also means that every product displayed in the catalogue has been tailored to match what the customers need because it was co-created with the consumers.

That’s right; the exciting, innovative approach to customisation is simply based on involving everyone from the drawing board to the final launch. And it’s not hyperbole because customers like you are recruited to ensure the final products appeal to the target audience.

100% CO-Creation: Convié’s Approach To Bringing Out Your Beauty

The concept by Convié here is simple: “Your Voice, Your Beauty”. And because that voice is vital, Convié came up with the idea of creating a community through which they can implement their principle of co-creating products with customers.

And if you think about it, nothing beats the idea of co-created products. When a community is involved in business decisions, there is a connection that forms and only grows from there. At the same time, it means the products will get a better reception from the community.

So, the question is, how does this co-creation work? Convié has introduced a 6-step process for the joint production process.

1. Recruit

The first step involves running a survey to identify key profiles that would fit the sub-cohort program. This survey is run through the community, and once the responses have been collated, the recruits are picked out and welcomed aboard.

2. Define

Once the recruits have joined the board, they get straight to work and begin listing key pointers and pain points that need to be addressed. In essence, the co-creators gotten from the community act as the mouthpiece of the consumers.

Once these points have been laid out, a formulation brief is created.

3. Test

Of course, once the formulation brief is completed, they begin to take physical forms and the product samples are immediately tested by the cohorts. The point here is to get their crucial feedback that’ll help cut or add vital features.

4. Approve

After what is a period of trial and error, the final product is shared with the community to seek and get their validation. It’s only when the final product has been approved that it moves on to the next phase of creation.

5. Tease

And that next phase involves the community as well. Once validated, the product goes through a pre-seed launch to create a much-needed buzz and build up the demand from customers.

6. Launch

The tease period lasts 4-8 weeks, and once completed, the product is launched to the open market for sales and reactions. This is where the co-creation stops and where every member involved can pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Wrapping Up

Convié’s goal is to revolutionise the meaning of customer engagement. They take this to the next level by creating a community of faithful consumers and involving its members in every step of the creation process. It’s the future of beauty products, and the Convié community is happy to be a part of it.

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