The highly anticipated Pinterest Trends Summer 2024 Report was recently published and shows that users are planning for big and bold fashion choices, particularly in the realm of jewellery trends, say experts at online jewellery brand PRYA.

Pinterest is the go-to platform for outfit inspiration and each year, Pinterest uses exclusive data to identify the biggest trends of the year. 

The report revealed that “Make it Big” jewellery will dominate this season. Trending searches include: 

  • Maximalist jewellery +3460%
  • Eclectic jewellery +3410%
  • Chunky gold jewellery +700%
  • Charm necklaces +630%
  • Bag charms +240%
  • Thigh jewellery +850%

Arwa Hassan, in-house style director at PRYA said, “The data highlights a significant surge in searches for maximalist and eclectic styles, signalling a shift towards bigger and more expressive pieces of jewellery. This summer, more is more – it’s a perfect time to experiment and express your own individuality through accessories. We have seen a huge increase in personalised pieces and charm jewellery specifically, as it’s named the 2024 cool girl jewellery trend.”

jewellery trends

Jewellery and style experts at PRYA explore the trends and must-have pieces that will define the season. 

  1. Maximalist jewellery, +3,460%

This summer, more is more. Maximalist jewellery has seen a huge increase of 3460% in searches on Pinterest, so expect to see bold, oversized pieces that demand attention and add a touch of extravagance to any outfit. Fashionistas with lots of personality often inject maximalist jewellery pieces into their wardrobes as a form of self expression, displaying bright and chunky pieces to catch attention. 

To nail the maximalist jewellery trend, start by selecting one or two statement pieces. The basis of a maximalist jewellery collection should start with a chunky metal chain necklace, try PRYA’s Naya Chunky Chain as a show stopping piece that screams maximalist. 

jewellery trends

It’s no secret that 2024 has also cemented the love for statement earrings, celebrities often use statement earrings as the focal point. PRYA’s top pick for statement earrings would be the celebrity-loved Ella Drop Earrings. Drop earrings have withstood the fragile trend cycle and are here to stay. 

  1. Eclectic jewellery, +3,410%

Eclectic jewellery is all about creativity and combines a mix of styles, colours and materials to create a unique and personalised look. This trend is perfect for those who love to experiment and express their individuality through accessories. 

To achieve this look, try mixing and matching pieces that may not traditionally go together. Combine vintage style pieces with modern designs, or mix bold colours with neutral tones. Layer delicate chains with chunky pieces, and don’t hesitate to include a variety of gemstones, beads or charms. 

  1. Chunky gold jewellery, +700%

Gold never goes out of style, but this summer it’s all about the chunkier, the better. Chunky gold jewellery has seen a 700% rise in interest, indicating that classic gold pieces are being reimagined with a modern twist. This trend focuses on thick and substantial pieces that make a statement. 

To embrace the chunky gold jewellery trend, opt for thick gold chains, statement earrings or bold cuff bracelets. Pair a chunky gold necklace or statement earrings with a simple white top to let the jewellery do all the talking. Bold, chunky rings exude confidence and are a way of making a statement without opening your mouth. Don’t be afraid to wear multiple chunky pieces together, but make sure to balance them with more minimalist clothing to avoid overwhelming your look. 

  1. Charm necklaces, +630%

Charm necklaces are 2024’s cool-girl jewellery trend – charm jewellery in all its forms has a long history, often bringing back memories of creating personalised necklaces and bracelets during childhood. With a 630% increase in Pinterest searches, these playful pieces are being embraced by fashion icons like Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid. 

jewellery trends

Whether it’s initials, symbols or tiny trinkets – charm necklaces are a fun way to personalise your jewellery collection. A bold statement piece deserves to be on show, so wear your charm necklace over a linen dress or white button up shirt. 

  1. Bag charms, +240%

With a 240% rise in popularity, bag charms are becoming a must-have accessory. These small yet impactful additions can transform any bag into a statement piece. This trend is about decorating your bag with fun, stylish, and sometimes quirky charms.

To achieve this trend, select bag charms that reflect your own personality and interests. Attach them to handles or the zips of your bags. 

  1. Thigh jewellery +850% 

Perhaps the most unexpected trend of the season is thigh jewellery, which has seen a huge 850% increase in Pinterest searches. This daring accessory is perfect for those looking to push the boundaries of traditional jewellery and thigh chains or bands can add a touch of glamour to summer outfits, especially for festivals or beach clubs. 

For more jewellery and style inspiration, visit the PRYA website.

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