NEW: Tisserand Aromatherapy launches ‘Restore Balance’ range to help harmonise emotions during the menopause

The expert team that have been carefully curating mood enhancing products since 1974 have launched a 7-piece collection designed to easily slip into and compliment everyday routines during the menopause

The settling blend of 100% natural pure essential oils – recognised across the globe for their emotional supportive properties – help to enhance wellbeing and mood, reinstate a sense of calm and generally help deal with the everyday stressors of modern-day life. 

Whilst everyone experiences varying symptoms during the menopause, a huge 70% report a ‘change in mood’ as the most common symptom. After using the blend for two weeks, 3 out of 4 women said they experienced more settled emotions.

The empowering and naturally-balancing blend includes:

  • Comforting Geranium, known to soothe emotional turmoil and help find balance
  • Nurturing Rose to gently assist in the release of tension and promote self-esteem
  • Uplifting Clary Sage to revive yet relax the mind to combat mood imbalances associated with the menopause

The ‘Restore Balance’ range includes…


Bath & Shower Wash (£14,

Feel harmonised and settle emotions with this mood-balancing blend, leaving skin beautifully moisturised and providing a restorative effect when inhaled

Bath Oil (£16,

Take time out and harmonise body and mind with this nourishing Bath Oil. Pour generously into your bath, swirl to disperse and relax. 

Pulse Point Roller Ball (£8,

Keep this handy Pulse Point Roller Ball close by to find harmony and feel yourself again while on the go.

Body Oil (£13,

Support and harmonise body and mind with the skin pampering Body Oil, rich in nourishing Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids.

Body & Room Mist (£12,

Harmonise body and mind with a spritz of this mood-balancing mist, helping add tranquility wherever you go.

Diffuser Oil (£9.50,

Create a soothing atmosphere around your home with this balancing Diffuser Oil. Add 6 to 8 drops to an Aroma Spa, burner or diffuser. 

The Discovery Kit (£16,

The ultimate kit to keep handy in your bag when on-the-go, or to give the gift of balance. Featuring the Body Oil (9ml), Body & Room Mist (10ml) and Pulse Point Roller Ball (10ml).

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