Buying fake tan is just like buying jeans – trial and error until you find the perfect fit.

Take the guesswork out of it with the launch of Unity by Rose & Caramel, the new unisex tanning range that is designed for everyone.

Developed with colour-adapting technology, Unity contains a bespoke blend of all fake tan base colours – green, red, blue and violet – in one multitasking solution. From tanning mousses to water and drops, whatever your favourite formula, the all-inclusive range has been specially made to suit all skin tones. Together with products to prep, maintain and remove, there is everything you need to get a healthy, glowing tan from start to finish.

More than just professional-looking results, Unity adopts a skincare meets tanning approach with enhanced hydration technology. Skin-loving ingredients including anti-oxidant-rich elfamoist, aloe vera, glycerin and niacinamide deliver instant and long-lasting moisturisation for up to 48 hours. This helps to prevent dryness, ensuring an even fade while Matrixyl has been added to plump and firm. Oh, and did we mention it smells amazing too.

Rose & Caramel Unity Unisex Tanning Foam in Light-Medium & Medium-Dark,£21.99/ 200ml each

Available in two beautiful, bronze shades, this tanning foam is infused with elfamoist which delivers up to 48 hours of intense hydration. The super moisturising formula means the developing tan is able to penetrate deeper and more evenly into the skin’s top layer where it gives a longer lasting colour that fades more naturally too.

Rose & Caramel Unity Unisex Tanning Foam in Ultra Dark, £22.99/200ml

Delivering up to 48 hours moisture with skin-loving ingredients such as elfamoist and glycerin, this creamy formula is Unity’s deepest shade. Recommended for experienced tanners and for those after that just-got-back-from-a-tropical-island look, layer up for ultra dark results that boast a long lasting, even fading tan.

Rose & Caramel Unity Unisex Face & Body Tanning Water, £19.99/100ml

A lightweight tanning water that will give a sunkissed glow to any skin tone. Mist over the face and body and build it up over a number of days for a deeper, darker tan. Formulated with hydration technology for soft, smooth skin while Matrixyl brightens, plumps and minimises the appearance of pores.

Rose & Caramel Unity Unisex Tanning Drops, £24.99/30ml

Perfect for both newbies and more experienced tanners, simply add 2-4 drops into any moisturiser and watch as it develops into a gorgeous, golden tan over the next six to eight hours. Containing aloe vera extract, the moisturising formula is totally customisable; the more drops you add, the darker the shade. 

Rose & Caramel Unity Power Scrub 60 Second Tan Remover, £19.99/200ml & £29.99/440ml 

Rose & Caramel’s award-winning scrub is famous for removing fake tan in just 60 seconds and now comes with additional skincare benefits. Along with leaving the skin clean, clear and – most importantly – tan-free, the powerful new formula deeply exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates the body while reducing ingrown hair

Rose & Caramel Unity Miracle MoistureMist, £19.99/100ml 

Boosting moisture levels for over 24 hours, this lightweight, oil-free body mist infuses the skin with aloe vera and glycerin to instantly hydrate and refresh. Mist daily after the bath or shower to leave your tanned skin feeling moisturised and smelling amazing.

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