As the sunshine and warmth of spring has been slow to make an appearance for much of the UK, many of us are still dreaming of bright sunny mornings and warm summer evenings spent relaxing in the comfort of our gardens. 

In search of interior design inspiration, Pinterest have reported a huge +10,000% increase in searches for “modern garden and outdoor ideas” between May and June.

Interior design experts and Graham and Green owners, Jamie and Lou Graham comment, 

“As an extension of the home, our outdoor spaces should reflect our personal style and act as stylish sanctuaries in which we can unwind and enjoy nature’s beauty. Whether it’s through cosy seating areas, or elegant outdoor lighting, people are increasingly looking to make their gardens an inviting and functional part of their living space.”

modern garden and outdoor ideas

The pair share their expert insight into the top four trends we can expect to see take over garden spaces this summer. 

Pair soft furnishings with durable furniture for optimum comfort

Jamie and Lou predict durable, low-maintenance outdoor furnishings will become a key trend this summer, as we endeavour to create comfortable and versatile outdoor living areas to add style to our garden and encourage more time spent outdoors. 

The pair suggest this can be achieved through creating inviting hosting areas with loungey outdoor sofas to sink into after a long day. Soft furnishings such as outdoor cushions, throws, and rugs make gardens feel more homely and enhance comfort. These items also add colour, texture, and warmth to outdoor spaces, allowing for personal expression and maximising comfort. Weather-resistant fabrics and stylish designs are also key to this trend, ensuring that these accessories are both practical and beautiful.

Jamie and Lou comment,

“For those looking to maximise the charm and comfort of outdoor areas, printed seat pads are a perfect start. 

“Adorned with vibrant prints ranging from colourful florals to striking stripes and botanical designs, seat pads not only add comfort to benches and window seats but also inject a splash of colour and personality into a space.”

As Pinterest searches for “garden nook” have increased 100% in the last month, Jamie and Lou also suggest achieving this trend by creating a serene relaxation corner in your garden by incorporating sun loungers into a cosy nook surrounded by lush greenery. Complete the setup with a stylish garden parasol to provide shade, soft cushions for added comfort, and a small side table for your favourite book or refreshing drink to perch.

modern garden and outdoor ideas

Maximalism continues to grow in the garden

As the maximalism trend has continued to grow in our homes, with Google searches for “maximalism interior design” soaring over +5,000% between May and June, Jamie and Lou predict this theme will become a key trend in gardens this summer. 

The maximalism style encompasses a wealth of colours, patterns, fabrics and general eclecticism. To achieve this in your garden Jamie and Lou recommend focusing on the finer details such as outdoor accessories placed throughout the space and creating your own emporium of treasures. 

The pair comment,

“The strategic placement of personal touches such as outdoor mirrors, wall art, hanging plants, and soft furnishings can enhance the maximalist theme in your garden. These elements not only add to the aesthetic, but also creates a sense of personality and charm that is quintessential to maximalism.”

Boasting a plethora of vibrant colours and harmonious patterns and prints, the key to achieving the maximalism theme is through a collection of carefully selected accessories. Jamie and Lou suggest incorporating items including colourful cushions and patterned rugs to build a dynamic and visually stimulating outdoor space. By layering textures and combining different styles, you can transform your garden into a lively and inviting haven that reflects the maximalist ethos of abundance and variety.

Enchanting outdoor dining spaces to satisfy growing desire for Alfresco feasts

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Between May and June, Google searches for “Alfresco dining” have increased by 50% across the UK, highlighting the desire to enjoy a meal with friends and family in the great outdoors. Alongside this demand, Jamie and Lou predict functional and beautiful outdoor dining areas will become a key trend in gardens this summer. 

modern garden and outdoor ideas

They comment, “Enhance your at home dining experience within the ambiance of nature, making mealtimes special occasions, whether it’s a casual breakfast or a sophisticated dinner party.

“Enjoy the simple pleasure of outdoor dining by investing in generous dining tables, with plenty of seating for friends and family to gather for an alfresco experience. Tablescaping should be vibrant and bountiful and as you would decorate your table indoors, embracing the maximalism theme through boldly-designed crockery, cutlery, placemats, candles and glassware.”

For smaller outdoor spaces, such as balconies, Jamie and Lou recommend opting for a bistro table and chairs, offering a comfortable seating arrangement, without compromising on space. 

Portable lighting predicted to illuminate gardens this summer

Jamie and Lou suggest unique lighting arrangements will become a fundamental garden trend this summer, encouraging us to enjoy our open-air areas well into the night with strategically placed garden lighting to ensure the outdoor space stays well lit into the evenings. 

This trend will include portable and rechargeable outdoor table lamps that do not require an electricity source, and can be used to support more deliberate lighting, such as beside a seating area to ensure sufficient light for reading in the evenings.

modern garden and outdoor ideas

The pair also suggest hanging string lights from each corner of your garden to add a soft and warm hue throughout the space. These lights can be draped across trees, fences, or pergolas, creating a magical ambiance. Wall lights can also be incorporated to provide both functional and decorative lighting throughout your garden. These fixtures can be mounted on exterior walls or garden structures to illuminate pathways and seating areas, adding an extra layer of light and enhancing the atmosphere. 

Graham and Green’s range of outdoor accessories embody this style of living, offering maximum comfort, without compromising on design.

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