The 266,477.9 million global flooring industry is growing rapidly as more people discover the benefits of investing in home comforts. 

A new floor increases the value, appearance, and comfort of your home, but even the best floors won’t live up to your expectations if they’re installed poorly.

So, before you hire the first contractor that comes up in an online search for ”floor tile installation near me”, read this guide to finding the best flooring contractor for your home.

Determine Your Needs and Budget

The specifics of your flooring installation play a major role in which flooring contractor you choose, and your budget determines several flooring factors, like the type and quality of the flooring you can afford.

Hardwood floors are the most expensive type of floor, while tile and carpet are among the cheapest. In some cases, you can repair or improve your existing floor, saving you on labor costs and unnecessary materials. 

For instance, if you have a concrete floor deck, you can remove the floor covering and refurbish the floor with attractive and durable polyurea coatings.

If you’ve got your heart set on floor tile for your home, you’ll still find plenty of options to choose from, including:

  • Luxury vinyl floor tile
  • Porcelain floor tile
  • Ceramic floor tile
  • Granite floor tile
  • Glass floor tile
  • Marble floor tile
  • Natural stone floor tile

When you’ve decided what you want and how much you’re prepared to spend, you can start your search for a flooring contractor that can deliver according to your needs. 

Get Recommendations From Trusted Sources

Step one is starting a list of flooring contractors in your area, and using a process of elimination to discover the best one. 

If you know someone who’s recently installed a gorgeous new floor, ask them for the name of their contractor. You can also ask family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors if they can recommend a good contractor.

Make a note of these businesses, and then continue your search online. 

Google “Floor Tile Installation Near Me”

An internet search for floor tile installers will unveil a host of floor installers in your vicinity and allow you to research what they have quickly and efficiently online. 

Click through to these websites and take a look around. A well-designed, user-friendly website with up-to-date information creates a great first impression, but you should delve a little deeper than that.

A website may also reveal plenty of other useful information, such as:

  • Contact details
  • Company history 
  • Contractor experience
  • Available floor styles
  • Services offered

Many contractors allow you to book a consultation online, and you might get to read some customer recommendations on their site, too.

Make a note of the installers you prefer and then continue your online research by looking up some reviews. Online reviews can reveal more information about a company’s service standards and the way they deal with customer queries and complaints.

One or two negative reviews aren’t always a bad thing, as long as the contractor resolves the complaint quickly and courteously.

Red flags to look out for include many negative reviews and unresolved complaints. Cross these companies off your list.

Check Licenses and Insurance

The next step in your investigations involves determining the flooring installers’ legitimacy. For starters, are they licensed to operate in your state?

Not all states require a contractor’s license for jobs below a certain value threshold, but all states require that contractors hold a business license to operate within their borders.

You can check the contractors’ credentials with your state licensing office.

Apart from a business license, all flooring contractors must carry certain insurance. They should have general liability insurance to safeguard against any incidents on your property, and they may also carry a bond to cover their services.

Workers’ compensation is another requirement for all businesses in the USA. You could find this information on their website, or make a note to discuss it with them during a face-to-face meeting.

Arrange a Consultation

You shouldn’t hire a flooring contractor until you’ve met them in person and asked a few questions. During this meeting, you should discuss the following:

  • Their availability
  • A timeline for completing a floor installation
  • Payment or finance options
  • Staff vetting procedures
  • Disposal of your old flooring
  • Supervision of on-site workers

During this interaction, you’ll gain a fair idea of whether you feel you could work happily with the contractor or not. It’s also a good time to ask for proof of licensing and insurance and to ask if they have a few more references.

Once you’re satisfied, ask them to provide you with an estimate for your home improvement project.

Beware of contractors who provide a price off the top of their heads. They can’t give you accurate pricing without visiting your home first. 

Compare Prices

When comparing flooring contractor fees, never simply choose the cheapest one. A more expensive quotation might include extra services, superior quality materials, and a longer warranty.

Be sure to go through all the finer details and small print before you agree to any quotation.

Upgrade Your Home and Your Lifestyle

Now that you’re familiar with how to go beyond searching online for ”floor tile installation near me” online, you’ll have no trouble identifying the best contractor for your needs. 

Be sure to conduct thorough research, ask all the right questions in person, and consider your needs before you decide on the best service for you. 

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