You know how the saying goes: tidy house, tidy mind. However, in between work and the chaos of family life, sometimes our homes can get cluttered, disorganised, and let’s face it, a little overwhelming.

Whether it’s your wardrobe bursting at the seams or the toys your kids never seem to put away, trying to reduce unnecessary clutter — wherever possible — can really bring some order and calm to your everyday life.

If you’re in need of a helping hand, Plastic Box Shop — experts in home, school, and industrial storage — tell us how to take inspiration from Hollywood’s most house-proud celebs and give our homes the VIP treatment.

Marie Kondo

Hailed as the new queen of home organisation, Marie Kondo’s minimalist interiors and impeccably tidy cupboards have taken the world by storm. According to her popular KonMari Method, when organising your belongings and deciding what to keep or donate, aim to only hold onto things that truly bring you joy. This way, your home not only becomes more clutter-free but, ideally, it is full of things that make your day that bit happier.

One of Kondo’s other popular tips and tricks is her signature folding method. The tutorials for her intricate folding style demonstrate how to fold and roll different items according to their shape, size, and fabric, and have accumulated millions of views. This can not only save you valuable space in your wardrobe and cupboard drawers, but being able to see all your clothes at a glance also means you’ll vary your outfits more rather than just grabbing what’s nearest. Folding clothes this way and keeping them in clear storage boxes is a great way to overhaul your wardrobe and get organised just like Kondo herself.

Stacey Solomon

While she may have gained fame as a contestant on The X-Factor, Stacey Solomon has also made a name for herself in the home organisation world. She’s even released her own book full of de-cluttering tips and tricks all about finding affordable and creative solutions for a tidy, clutter-free home.

As well as keeping almost everything in baskets and storage boxes throughout her home, one of Solomon’s signature hacks is using hangers and hooks in the kitchen to bring some order to cluttered snack cupboards. Using a tension rod and shower curtain clips, this tip is perfect for hanging up packets of crisps, bags of sweets, or pet food pouches for quick, easy access. When it comes to storing cumbersome cans, Solomon recommends using a Lazy Susan so you can simply give it a spin and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Mrs Hinch

Otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, home cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch shares her top tips and advice with her legions of followers on social media (currently sitting at just over 4 million). Initially specialising in cleaning tips and the best products to keep your bathroom or kitchen sparkling, her fans are now taking inspiration from her carefully considered home organisation.

One simple yet effective tip is storing bedding sets inside a pillowcase, so that the duvet cover, sheet, and pillowcase all stay together in one easy to reach place. No more searching around for the matching components in your linen cupboard! Following in this theme of quick access to make your life easier, Mrs Hinch swears by organising cleaning products by category and storing everything in separate boxes. For example, create a designated cleaning box for the bathroom containing bleach, mirror cleaner, and disinfectant wipes that you can grab easily from under the sink when you need it. This means less time spent hunting around for cleaning spray and more time spent checking off your to-do list!

Khloé Kardashian

Known for her immaculate pantry and huge glass containers layered with confectionery, this member of the Kardashian clan has recently become known for her home organisation. Especially when it comes to aesthetically pleasing kitchen cabinets, fans have taken inspiration from Khloé’s love of all things neat and tidy.

While most of us don’t have our own floodlit, walk-in pantry room, you can still get inspired by the reality star and transform your kitchen shelves with the help of some good quality storage boxes and a label maker! Once you’ve thrown away any old or expired products lingering in the back of your cupboards, take your dry food (such as pasta, cereal, and grains) out of their cumbersome packaging and decant them into sealed, clear plastic containers. Print out a label for each one and be sure to place the ones you’ll use regularly at the front, leaving others you use less often tidied away at the back.

Always remember to measure your cupboard and pantry before buying storage boxes, so that you can work out your available shelf space and order the exact size and amount you’ll need.

“When you’re busy working, parenting, and running a home, it can be easy for things to become cluttered and a little chaotic! However, one of the best ways to bring some order and calm into your day is to step up your organisation game. Celebrities like Stacey Solomon, Khloé Kardashian, and Mrs Hinch are all great sources of inspiration and have shared some surprisingly affordable tips and tricks for anyone decluttering their home.

“It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to give your house the VIP treatment: you’ll be surprised just how much you can do with some quality storage boxes, baskets, a label maker, and some creative folding techniques (thank you Marie Kondo). You may have to tackle one room or even one cupboard at a time, but making the effort to get organised and sort through clutter is sure to make your home feel calmer and more manageable, whatever life throws at you.”

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