Known for its historic cities, stunning landscapes, and world-famous cuisine, few countries in the world attract as many travellers as Italy does.

This country is also known for its multitude of famous landmarks, which can be difficult to narrow down when visiting. That’s why we’ve come up with the best 7 famous landmarks to visit the next time you’re in Italy.

  1. The Colosseum

Easily one of Italy’s most iconic sites, construction on this grand stone amphitheatre began way back in 72AD. In its heyday, The Colosseum could host more than 50,000 excited viewers eager to watch gladiator battles and chariot races. Now, this impressive building is a must-visit attraction located in the centre of Rome. 

  • Mount Etna

Did you know that in December 2015, Mount Etna briefly exploded? But the lava fountain that spewed 3,200 feet was no surprise for locals who have marvelled at Europe’s largest and most active volcano for years. You can visit Etna by cable car, or attempt to walk the whole way up – either will give you great views along the way. 

  • Rialto Bridge

Built between 1588 and 1591, this breathtaking arched stone bridge that spans the Grand Canal is arguably the most famous of Venice’s many bridges. Want to explore them all? Consider a guided tour around Italy and Venice or an Italian Lakes Tour Holiday to capture all the sights.  

  • Milan Cathedral

Another one of Italy’s most beautiful architectural pieces, the Milan Cathedral – or Duomo di Milano – is the second-largest Catholic cathedral in the world. Visitors to the cathedral can marvel at the thousands of spires, along with the gothic and neogothic statues – more than on any other building in the world.   

  • Trevi Fountain

Undoubtedly featured in every film you’ve seen set in Rome, the Fontana di Trevi (or the Trevi Fountain) is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. Head here to throw in your odd coins to ensure a return trip to Rome, as well as cast your eyes on gorgeous statues carved from Carrara marble and the impressive centrepiece of the Roman God, Neptune.

  • Roman Forum

Also found in Rome, the Roman Forum was the centre of civilization for many years – it’s no wonder it’s one of the oldest famous sites in Italy! These days the remaining ruins sadly don’t do this incredible site justice, but you can still stand back and imagine just how magnificent it once was.

  • Tower of Pisa

Last but certainly not least, is the Tower of Pisa. More than 180 feet tall and known for its characteristic lean after the underneath soil shifted during constriction, this famous leaning tower is located in Pisa – a picturesque seaside town near Tuscany. 

Dreaming of your next Italian getaway? Don’t forget to add these 7 unforgettable famous landmarks to your itinerary. And if you can’t see them all in one go, well, there’s always the option to return…

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