It is that time of year again when our indoor and outdoor spaces become an extension of one another. Now that the sun is shining, dust and rain covers are being put away and outdoor spaces are becoming ‘summer-ready’ for weekends full of BBQs and parties.

With over 40,500 average monthly searches and a 167 percent increase in search volume over the last three months, an outdoor rug is a trending must-have item, but how can you style your outdoor space to be as cohesive, comfortable and stylish as your indoor living area?

Anchor the space

In larger patios, place one rug in the seating or bar area for a cohesive focal point and another under the dining table for comfort and stability. In smaller patios, choose one large rug to place in the centre of the patio and style your seating area around it.

Avoid choosing a rug too small for the amount of furniture you have in the seating area. Be sure to be generous with the sizing and as a rule of thumb, leave a perimeter of about 60-80cm around the furniture or seating area.

Create aesthetic appeal

Outdoor rugs come in a vast range of shapes, patterns and colours with some featuring Amalfi inspired motifs. Choose a rug with pops of colour to bring life to your outdoor space and enhance the overall aesthetic feel, especially on warm but cloudy days.

This summer, the Amalficore aesthetic will inspire outdoor design, featuring bright coastal blues, sunset oranges and citrus yellows, furniture and soft furnishing made from natural materials and coastal motif prints and patterns

Pair with decorative items

Include decorative cushions, throws and pot plants that complement the dominant colour theme of the rug. As it’s an outdoor space, large ceramic pot plants with tall and vibrant greenery pair perfectly with an outdoor seating.

Lanterns, fairy lights and candles dotted around will enhance the atmosphere, enhancing the illusion that your outdoor space is simply an extension of your interior. True to the Amalficore trend, wicker, bamboo, rattan and hessian lanterns are the perfect addition to the space.

Enhance comfort and warmth

Many outdoor rugs are designed to withstand the elements and are made from durable, easy-to-clean plastics. However, if you have an elevated, covered patio, you might consider opting for a softer outdoor rug to enhance the comfort and warmth of your space.

Choose a rug with a higher pile for that cosy feel but try to avoid whites as they are more prone to staining.

Since summer weather isn’t always as warm and sunny as we’d like, this added softness will provide warmth underfoot, making your patio cosier on those cooler days.

Paired with an outdoor infrared heater, throw cushions, and blankets, your outdoor space can be comfortable and inviting right through to autumn.

Prioritise high traffic zones

Outdoor rugs help protect your patio from wear and tear, which is especially useful if you have newly varnished wooden decking or expensive, polished stone.

When styling your patio, place an outdoor rug in high traffic zones to limit wear and tear. Outdoor runner rugs are a great way to do this, providing both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Positioning a stylish outdoor rug beneath a dining table will also protect your floor from inevitable pumps and scrapes from dining chairs.

Having a few different rugs in varying designs and colours means themed dinner party tablescapes can coordinate with the style of the rug too creating a cohesive and visually appealing setting for entertaining.

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