The team at Constant Delights analyzed Google search volume for 89 houseplants in 58 cities in the UK from March 2023 to April 2024.

They then ranked the houseplants based on their search volume in each city, and calculated the search volume increase compared to last year. Here are the findings:

Key Insights:

1/ Lavender is the most popular houseplant in the UK, ranking highest in 45 cities, including London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

2/ Orchid and Peace Lily are among the most consistently searched plants across multiple cities, with average rankings of 3.26 and 4.22, respectively.

3/ Urban environments and air quality concerns drive the popularity of low-maintenance, air-purifying plants such as Peace Lily (4.22) and Spider Plant (4.83).

4. Lady Palm has seen the highest surge in search volume, increasing by 1019% compared to last year, indicating it as the most upcoming favorite houseplant in the UK.

Top Houseplants and Their Popularity:

Lavender: This plant tops the list with an average ranking of 1.60. It is highly favored for its aromatic and medicinal qualities, making it a popular choice in cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Orchid: With an average ranking of 3.47, the Orchid is admired for its delicate beauty and variety, providing aesthetic appeal in cities like London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Peace Lily: This plant, which averages a ranking of 3.90, is celebrated for its air-purifying qualities and low-maintenance nature, making it a staple in urban households in cities such as Leeds, Liverpool, and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Spider Plant: Known for its ease of care and air-purifying properties, Spider Plant has an average ranking of 4.66. Its visual appeal and adaptability make it popular across cities like Sheffield, Brighton, and Hove.

Aloe Vera: With an average ranking of 6.03, Aloe Vera is favored for its medicinal properties and ease of care, making it a common choice in cities like Birmingham, Bristol, and Coventry.

Begonia: Averaging a ranking of 8.38, Begonia is popular for its colorful flowers and foliage, especially in cities like Glasgow, Belfast, and Cardiff.

Cyclamen: With an average ranking of 12.93, Cyclamen is known for its vibrant flowers and ability to thrive in cooler climates, making it popular in cities such as Edinburgh, Dundee, and York.

Chinese Money Plant: Ranking at 12.07 on average, this plant is appreciated for its unique, coin-shaped leaves, making it ideal for cities with modern aesthetic preferences, like Sheffield, Exeter, and Oxford.

Geranium: With an average ranking of 8.52, Geranium is valued for its bright, cheerful flowers, popular in cities like Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport.

Jade Plant: Averaging a ranking of 10.31, Jade Plant is favored for its succulent, easy-to-care nature, making it a decorative choice for homes in Manchester, Leicester, and Southampton.

Top 10 Most Popular Plants by Average Ranking: 

RankPlantAverage Ranking
2Snake Plant2.24
4Peace Lily3.90
5Spider Plant4.66
6Aloe Vera6.03
9Chinese Money Plant12.07

Upcoming Favorite Houseplants by Surge in Search Volume:

Lady Palm: This plant has experienced the highest surge in search volume, increasing by 1019% compared to last year, highlighting its growing popularity in urban areas.

Cactus Varieties: With a 519% increase, these plants are becoming increasingly popular for their unique appearance and low-maintenance care.

Cast Iron Plant: Seeing a 405% surge, this resilient plant is gaining favor for its ability to thrive in low-light conditions.

Kimberly Queen Fern: Despite being one of the least popular overall, it has seen an 89% increase in search volume, suggesting a growing niche interest.

Oxalis: With an 83% increase, this plant is gaining attention for its distinctive foliage and ease of care.

Jill Sandy, Founder and Gardening Expert at Constant Delights, comments on the finding: 

Peace Lily and Spider Plant are consistently popular across multiple cities due to their low-maintenance nature and ability to improve indoor air quality. 

These plants are universally appealing and can thrive in various indoor conditions, making them a top choice for urban residents.”

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