As we enter the warmer, sunnier days of spring, our focus shifts towards the timeless ritual of the Spring Clean, directing our attention to our home environment. As our homes serve as sanctuaries for both body and soul, they can also provide sanctity for our mental wellbeing. 

Home organisation in particular has become more of a priority, with Google searches for “home organisation tips” up 86% in the last 12 months. 

With this in mind, furniture experts and Graham and Green owners, Jamie and Lou Graham have partnered with Georgina Sturmer, registered counsellor at the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, to reveal how you can optimise your home’s organisation to improve your wellbeing. 

How can your home’s organisation affect your mental wellbeing?

Georgina comments,

“When we think about our emotional and physical wellbeing, we often focus on our internal world. Our thoughts, feelings, actions and sensations. But there’s a real interplay between how we feel on the inside, and our connection with our home environment.  

“When we look around our home and we see a calm, ordered, tidy environment, we internalise that sense of calmness. It helps us to feel more relaxed, less stressed, and more resilient.”

“If you’re thinking about getting started with the process of organising your home, it’s worth visualising the moment when you most want to feel calm and relaxed.  Where are you?  Maybe you’re seated at your desk, getting on with your work. Maybe you’re lying down in bed, trying to sleep. Perhaps you’re in the bathroom, getting ready for the day.”  

Tips for optimising your home organisation

Jamie and Lou Graham suggest ways in which you can optimise your home’s organisation in these key rooms to embrace a sense of calmness. 



When it comes to your bedroom, Jamie and Lou comment,

“Sift through any unnecessary items to declutter your bedroom space. This might include clearing surfaces of excess items, and only keeping those that serve a purpose or spark joy in your bedroom. 

“Investing in both stylish and functional furniture, such as an inviting bed with room for storage underneath, allows you to carefully store any useful items that don’t need to be on display, such as winter duvets, spare pillows or bedding.” 


Labelled as the heart of your home, Jamie and Lou suggest the best additions to optimise organisation in this room. 

Display cabinets

As a focal point in your kitchen, display cabinets are ideal for storing useful items while showcasing treasured trinkets and ornaments. 

Use these cabinets to store dinnerware, and other frequently used items in the kitchen to promote a well-organised room. Create an inviting and functional space to host joyful dinner parties and quiet Sunday mornings.

Spice racks and shelving

If you’re a natural in the kitchen, hanging a handy yet stylish rack for cooking equipment such as spices, herbs and seasoning allows for quick access when preparing meals. 

Kitchen larders

Kitchen larders are a thoughtful addition to any kitchen space. With generous storage and shelving, this kitchen furniture showpiece offers optimal organisation and allows for items to be stored out of sight, whilst still adding beauty and charm to the space. 

Living room 

The space you turn to in order to relax and unwind, your living room configuration is key to improving your wellbeing. 

Jamie and Lou recommend investing in multi-functional furniture to optimise the organisation in your living room, and promote a calm, relaxing environment.

The pair comment, 

“Footstools in particular are an effective way to store items when not in use, but also encourage you to sink into the sofa and rest your feet.

“Likewise, coffee tables often act as a centre point of a living room, and those with built-in storage can be used to store books, journals and other items that promote wellness.

“To act as a focal point in your living, bookcases in particular provide great solutions for organisation. Not only do these showcase your beloved books, but with careful configuration, can display cherished memories and ambient home fragrances.”


Incorporating mindful furniture

As bathrooms are typically a smaller room in your home, it can be tricky to balance optimising their organisation while promoting wellbeing. But as a room you turn to for long soaks in the bath and beauty pampering, it shouldn’t be overlooked.


Jamie and Lou suggest incorporating mindful furniture to serve a purpose in helping you to unwind. This might include soft, snug armchairs to sink into with a book while running a bath or a delicate side table to place a warming cup of tea, or refreshing glass of wine. 

Embrace natural lighting

To enhance the natural light in your bathroom, strategically place mirrors directly opposite any windows to reflect the light. For privacy, inject personality into the space with delicately hung curtains.

Embracing natural light in your bathroom nurtures feelings of freshness and vitality.

Hang hooks behind the door

Hang your beloved dressing gown and soft fresh towels from hooks placed strategically behind the door. This keeps them out of eyesight when the room is open, but still within reaching distance and adds dimension and personality to the room.


Invest in home fragrances that you find particularly relaxing. This might include chamomile or lavender and place around your bathroom to help you unwind as soon as you enter. 

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