Converse All-Star sneakers originally came out in 1917. They’ve gone through many changes since then, but they’ve stood the test of time for over 100 years! That’s impressive!

Many people only associate Converse shoes with basketball or skaters and don’t know how to incorporate them into outfits. You can wear Chuck Taylor All-Stars to many stylish outfits, however!

Let’s talk about a few unconventional ways to wear your Converses this autumn.

Do an Old-School Grunge Look

Autumn is the perfect time for “grungey” apparel. Old-school looks are totally in now, so bring back the 1990s. 

Modern grunge looks aren’t exactly like the outfits you’d see on the street in the nineties, but you can get a close replication. They’re also perfect for fall because of flannels. 

Wear a loose-fitting band tee with a pair of ripped jeans or leggings (depending on your preferred aesthetic). Shop Chuck Taylor All Star options for a pair of classic or all-black shoes to pair with them. 

Throw a flannel on top and either wear your hair loose or put it under a beanie. This is a comfy and stylish look you can wear all autumn long. 

Bring Back the 2010s With Emo

Speaking of throwbacks, some fashionistas are bringing back the “emo” look of the early 2010s. If you were a teenager or pre-teen then, you know what we mean. It’s time to dust off your skinny jeans and bring back the side bangs. 

Emo is all about the all-black attire. Skinny jeans (or black leggings), black band tees, and black Converse shoes make up a classic emo look. 

Wear a few wristbands and some dark lipstick. Draw on thick eyeliner. Pull it all together with a moody attitude. 

When it gets chilly, a black and white striped sweater or a band hoodie will keep you cozy without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Combine Casual and Dressy for a Chic and Layered Look 

Looking for something more conventional instead of counter-culture? You can still do that with Converse All-Stars. 

Wear your favorite pair of semi-sheer or opaque stockings with a midi-length (or shorter) dress. Monochrome dresses without designs are the easiest to pair with other pieces, but if you prefer a bolder look, that’s fine as well.

We recommend either wearing classic black and white Converse shoes or choosing a color that matches your dress.

When you’re adding layers, you have options. We love the look of a turtleneck sweater under a sleeveless dress. It’s subtle and chic.

You can also add a comfy flannel shirt or a cozy cardigan if you want a less slim-fitting silhouette. 

Add your favorite accessories and you’re ready to head out with a look that’s stylish but still casual enough for most occasions. 

How Will You Wear Your Converse Shoes This Fall?

Converse shoes can pair well with outfits all year round. Consider swapping out conventional fall fashion tips and trying these chic and retro autumn-friendly looks instead! 

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