Travelling can be a bit of a challenge when you have children with you.

This goes especially if you’re making a trip to a major city. With busy roads, underground trains and thousands of people bustling past at any given moment, a city can be incredibly stressful when you’re bringing small children along for the ride.

But it would be a shame for small children to miss out on the many attractions and distractions that are uniquely available in many major cities, in the UK and across the world. If you’re planning a break of this kind, and you’re taking the kids along with you, then you’ll want to consider a few strategies for making the trip more manageable.

Consider an apartment

Your choice of accommodation is an important factor when planning a city break with kids. Serviced apartments in cities like London will tend to be more affordable and spacious than the equivalent hotel room or multiple rooms. You’ll have everything and everyone under the same roof, and a space in which to prepare packed lunches and breakfasts. As such, it’s a great way to keep costs down. You may need to do some food shopping when you arrive but it’s worth it if money is an important factor for you.

Plan ahead

The more you can plan in advance, the more you’ll be able to avoid the extreme prices that are often inflicted on tourists. Having bottled water to take with you will tend to save you money on drinks, for example, and we’ve already mentioned packed lunches. Ideally, you’ll want a few extra snacks for when the kids get grumpy between meals.

Planning a City Break with Kids

Think about free attractions

In many cities, the most compelling destinations for children are actually the free ones. Parks during summertime, museums and public monuments might all be appealing. Ideally, you’ll want to make a list of these in advance and use them to fill out your days.

Check the travel expenses

In many cases, you can save considerably on the cost of travel by booking in advance, and by booking in groups. This is especially relevant if you’re taking a family holiday. If you can work out your itinerary in advance, then you stand to save considerably.

Stay vigilant

It should probably go without saying, but cities can be dangerous places for small children. Busy pedestrian areas and traffic hubs present a particular danger, so make sure that you don’t let the kids out of your sight. The less-crowded parts of town can be hazardous too so prepare to be vigilant if you’re taking the kids away this year!

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