“As we’re nearing halfway through 2024, we took a deep dive into search trends for rug styles to see what’s hot – and what’s not. And we have spotted some key trends for the way we’re styling our homes with rugs, so we’re not keeping this to ourselves! Here’s what’s trending in floor coverings and why.” 

Rugs with a hint (and a lot) of gold

What’s playing into this trend?

“Gold accents featured heavily at one of the biggest influences on UK interior trends, Milan Design Week and, with the abundance of media coverage across various platforms, we’re already seeing its impact with an uptick in searches and purchases of rugs with a gold accent.

Gold rugs also play into fashion’s mob wife aesthetic, which was a Tik-Tok-led explosion of animal prints, black leather and all-gold everything, that has progressed into interiors. You only need to scan Insta-home accounts to see more high gloss and gold popping up across all areas of our home styling.

The versatility of the gold trend is that you can go as subtle or extreme as you like. From the flashy opulence of big, bold statement rugs and pieces of furniture, to a more understated nod to the trend by incorporating flecks of gold into wallpaper, cushions and rugs.

Gold makes it an excellent choice for interior design. Its ability to complement existing colour schemes adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle hint of opulence or embracing a lavish “more is more” aesthetic, gold accents can enhance the overall ambiance of a room.

In a maximalist style reminiscent of a “mob wife aesthetic,” the boldness of gold can be embraced to create a glamorous and extravagant atmosphere, where every detail exudes extravagance and glamour. Whether used sparingly or abundantly, gold adds a sense of richness and grandeur, making it a timeless choice for interior decor.

What to buy to get this look: Aurora Rugs in Dune Gold from £69.44 and Aurora Geometric Rugs in Metallic Beige Gold from £64.78 Manipur Hexagonal Velvet Cushion By Designers Guild in Ochre Yellow £80.00; Aristo Abstract Bolster Cushion in Green Ochre £29.60

Scalloped jute rugs

What’s playing into this trend?

The scalloped and curves on everything trend transcends a variety of furnishings and accessories, from bedding to bigger pieces of furniture. People are loving the playfulness and sense of movement that they can bring to a space and this applies to rugs too.

Scalloped edges give a rug a softer finish, they also turn a jute rug (which can often be quite a practical choice), into something more design-led – helping to make a statement in a hallway, frame a specific part of the home or add a homely finish to a conservatory.

Jute is also a sustainable material which is influencing so many design choices in the home. It is a way of demonstrating that you are environmentally conscious in your purchasing decisions, whilst also bringing more of a nature inspired feel to your design scheme.

Scalloped jute rugs are also a design classic which blends seamlessly into any design scheme. Jute is such a versatile material, and the natural colouring will work across so many palettes, meaning you can add a rug to your interiors without having to make any major changes to the rest of your aesthetic.

What to buy to get this look: Zarla Jute Rug, £85.99, Naturals Border Jute & Cotton rug, £119.00 or the Jute Extra Braid Stitched Circle Rug, £120.00 

Extra Large flooring coverings 

What’s playing into this trend?

There’s a growing emphasis on creating comfortable and cosier than ever living environments. Extra-large rugs provide a soft and plush surface underfoot, enhancing comfort and warmth, especially in areas with hard flooring like hardwood or tile.

Rugs that act like carpets – filling the majority of the floor space – are much more practical to replace, whether that’s as a result of their years of use or when you makeover a room with a new colour scheme. Large rugs offer practical benefits, such as protecting floors from scratches and stains, reducing noise levels, and providing insulation. They also help to visually tie together disparate elements within a room, creating a cohesive and harmonious look – this is particularly useful in large open plan dining kitchens that flow into living room areas. 

Large rugs serve as statement pieces in interior décor. They can add drama, colour, and texture to a room, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary. Designers and homeowners are increasingly using rugs as focal points to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their spaces.

What to buy to get this look: Galleria Abstract Rugs in Grey Multi from £79.99; Louis De Poortere Modern Mad Men Griff Rug in Bronz Azurite from £175.00


70’s inspired rugs

What’s playing into this trend?

Perhaps one of the divisive emerging interior trends, you may be surprised to hear is that brown is making a resurgence in UK homes, and it’s down to our ongoing appreciation of retro aesthetics, especially the 1970’s, and the Instagram and TikTok accounts sharing these styling ideas.  

From chocolate and caramel inspired browns, to 1970 sepia shades, people are really starting to appreciate the richness and warmth that this colour palette can bring to a space. You can use it like a neutral and don’t be afraid to go big and bold with this colour for maximum impact.

Nostalgia plays a huge part in the resurgence of trends. Vintage-style rugs with faded colours, distressed patterns, and traditional motifs are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. These rugs bring a sense of nostalgia and character to contemporary interiors, complementing both modern and traditional décor styles.

What to buy to get this look:  

Louis De Poortere Geometric Nuance Module Rugs in Camel BlueLouis De Poortere Geometric Rugs in Yellow Meyer both from £175.00; Arabella Mayfair Geometric Carved Wool Rugs in Taupe Brown from £151.76; Seaweed Floral Rugs in Ink by William Morris from £659.00; Striped Tulip Wool Rugs by Orla Kiely in Seagrass Green from £415.00


Playful Patchworks

What’s playing into this trend?

This was a surprise to us, when we analysed our top sellers, to see so many of our most popular designs featuring some kind of patchwork, or multicoloured geometric pattern, especially when neutrals and quiet luxury have seemed to dominate for so long! 

I think this trend ties into the retro revival, but also for playful interior design schemes that feature bright colours and colour clashing. The combination of various patterns, colours, and textures creates a visually interesting and dynamic focal point in a room – testament that we are becoming braver and more experimental in our interior design schemes. I think TikTok and Instagram have helped with this movement.

Patchwork rugs can seamlessly integrate into various design schemes, including modern, bohemian, industrial, and rustic styles.

But it’s not just colour – the patchwork construction of these rugs often results in diverse textures and layers, adding depth and dimension to the floor covering. This tactile quality not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a comfortable and inviting surface underfoot.

Patchwork rugs align well with eclectic interior design styles, which embrace a mix of different elements, eras, and cultures. They allow homeowners to express their individuality and creativity by combining traditional and contemporary motifs into a cohesive design.

Carnaval Geometric Rug by Concept Looms in Multicolour from £39.00; Kodari Patchwork Rugs in Red & Orange by Brink & Campman from £1339.00; Gabbeh Rugs 217 from £97.67

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