The premise of a capsule wardrobe is that it is a carefully curated selection of clothing. The clothing items that feature can all interchange between the seasons. It is a popular wardrobe choice for those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle.

Despite being a viral trend and a beloved way to organise a wardrobe, there are still sceptics about why capsule wardrobes are popular. So, why are capsule wardrobes popular? What has caused this trend to become a viral fashion sensation? Keep reading to find out.

No More Decluttered Wardrobes

Have you ever opened your wardrobe doors and been greeted by a wall of clothes? Perhaps you have pulled out the item of clothing you wanted to wear and caused an avalanche with all of your clothes spilling to the floor. Cluttered wardrobes can feel like a nightmare to organise. The overwhelming amount of clothes causes many of us to leave the task of organising for another day. A day that often continuously gets pushed back.

Switching to a capsule wardrobe helps to reduce this from happening. Instead, everything can easily be found in the wardrobe, especially if a system is in place. It is easier to manage and keep organised, as the amount of clothes is limited. There is no dread when opening the wardrobe doors to see what is behind there. When opening the doors, there will be a well-organised selection of clothing ready to be worn and styled.

Helps Make A Smarter Shopper

Keeping your wardrobe to a minimum can help determine what clothing items you own. Many of us are likely to purchase items of clothing that we think we need, only to find in a wardrobe clear out that we already have that item. Most of the clothes featured in an overly packed wardrobe are often rarely worn or have been forgotten about.

As many of us are becoming more conscious about being more sustainable, a capsule wardrobe can help us to make more eco-friendly fashion choices. Instead of investing in items of clothing that are currently trending, capsule wardrobes encourage you to invest in pieces that stay in style and that you will wear for the foreseeable future. This minimises how many clothes you donate, sell, or throw away due to hardly wearing the items. It helps to save spending money on clothes that will only get one or two wears.

Might Inspire Creativity In Choices

A full wardrobe might seem like an endless stream of possibilities. Countless outfits to wear and occasions to dress for. A vast selection of choices might make it seem easy to make decisions. However, it could have the opposite effect. Rather than spark excitement and what opportunities are possible, it could encourage us to choose the items that we wear on rotation.

Choosing to switch to a capsule wardrobe could help to inspire some creativity in your fashion choices. As you will have a select amount of clothes, it could encourage you to find new ways to find new looks without having to go out and buy additional clothing items. It could be using different accessories, layering pieces or changing the shoes you wear to take a look from daytime to night time. It would be wise to go for versatile and timeless shoes from Shoe Time to be able to pair it with any outfit you want to try. 

Always Be In Style

Ultimately, capsule wardrobes focus on pieces that can be worn on repeat every year in most seasons. These are classic staples that never go out of style. They can easily fit different styles and be tailored to suit the current season. Most people with a capsule wardrobe do not have to switch their clothes when the seasons change. Many individuals will likely have a summer wardrobe and a winter one. As the spring/summer months end, they bring out their autumn/winter pieces from storage, such as the loft or under the bed.

With a capsule wardrobe, there will be no need to transition your wardrobe between the changing seasons. As you will likely have a limited number of pieces, each will easily be accessible from your wardrobe. You might not think you need to wear a winter coat in the summer, but the English weather is unpredictable.

Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Before diving into your wardrobe and pulling out your clothes, break the task into smaller sections. When building a capsule wardrobe, one place to start is with women’s or men’s fashion trends. These lists often feature key pieces that add great capsule wardrobe additions. Spend time reading through articles like the one from Men’s Flair about men’s fashion trends. Starting small will help you stay motivated when organising your wardrobe. It will help to avoid the dreaded clothes pile on the floor that looks overwhelming from its initial glance.

If having a capsule wardrobe is something that does intrigue you, here are some other steps to consider when building a capsule wardrobe.

Decide On Key Pieces

After finding the latest women’s or men’s fashion trends, create a list of the key pieces you want featured in your capsule wardrobe. As mentioned, a capsule wardrobe features timeless items you can wear each year, styling them to suit the season. Decide on which pieces you want to be featured in your wardrobe. This could be a good winter coat, a quality pair of jeans, a jumper or even a basic white t-shirt.

These essential pieces will work as the base of your capsule wardrobe. From there, you can look at ways to layer pieces to create different looks. With the key pieces you want to be featured, consider investing in these items. Spending a little more for a quality item that will be worn regularly can be a worthwhile investment. As it will be worn on rotation, you will be making the most out of spending that little extra, especially as the higher-quality material will last a little longer.

See What You Have

Before going out and investing in key pieces, see if you already own some of the staple items you want to be featured in your wardrobe. Set aside some time to clear out your wardrobe to see what items you currently own. Look to see if you have the key pieces you want to include. You might even discover items you did not know you owned but want to be featured in your capsule wardrobe. Knowing what you have will help prevent you from investing in pieces for your capsule wardrobe that you already own.

An additional bonus of seeing what you own is that it allows you to declutter your wardrobe. It helps to provide you with space you didn’t have before to reorganise your wardrobe and how you store your clothes. Decluttering your wardrobe also allows you to see what you own. There might be some items that you no longer wear but are still of good quality. If you do discover such items, you could sell them on one of the many popular online marketplaces available to make a small profit on these items. It reduces the number of items thrown away or sent to a charity shop.

Know Your Signature Style

Signature style is a crucial aspect of a capsule wardrobe. It helps to define the overall style of the wardrobe. This could be in terms of the style of clothes or the colour palette. Try to define your signature style before you put together your capsule wardrobe. This will help you in the process of putting together your capsule wardrobe. Look at the pieces you want to keep in your wardrobe. Consider if they follow a similar style. Are they quite minimalist pieces that share a similar colour palette? Do you prefer wearing pieces from a particular era, such as the 70s? Knowing what your signature style is can be a great help.

Knowing your style will help you select the right pieces. If you are unsure about your style, consider what pieces you wear on repeat. See if there are any similarities in terms of the colour palette, materials and general style. Additionally, consider what items you feel the most comfortable and like yourself in. All of these factors could help you to determine what your signature style is.

Consider Comfort Levels

When putting your capsule wardrobe together, ensure that each piece allows you to feel your very best but also comfortable. If clothes are uncomfortable, you will likely be reluctant to wear them, opting for other pieces instead. These uncomfortable pieces that are rarely worn take up space in your wardrobe. This space could be used to store items of clothing that are worn regularly and can be worn throughout all seasons.

Aside from pieces worn daily, consider including pieces in which you can relax or exercise. Ensure that you have space in your wardrobe to feature these pieces. You might put them in a basket or a drawer, separating them from your main wardrobe but store them in a place that is easily accessible. They might be slightly hidden amongst the main pieces in your wardrobe, but they are accessible when needed.

Don’t Forget To Accessorise

A simple and effective way to transform a look is through accessories. It could be the belt, type of jewellery, hat, scarf, bag and even the shoes worn. The accessories are viewed as the finishing pieces for a look. They are the last things added that can help to elevate a look or reinforce the style you aim to achieve. In a capsule wardrobe, accessories can help to make each outfit look unique. What was once a casual look could now be viewed as a night time look due to the change of jewellery, shoes or bag.

When sorting your wardrobe, keep your accessories in an easily accessible spot. You will likely not reach for your accessories if you can’t see them. However, if you can see them, you might feel more inclined to wear them and accessorise your look.

Separate Work And Personal

Understandably, there might be some exceptions for clothes in a capsule wardrobe. These are items that you would wear to work. Aim to keep your work clothes separate from your everyday clothes. This is, without a doubt, far easier if your work has a set uniform for you to wear. If your job requires you to wear business attire, this might be easier to separate if your signature style is more casual and relaxed. However, if your company does not have a strict dress code and welcomes employees to wear casual clothing, it can be challenging to separate work clothes from personal ones.

One way to help create a clear separation if your company allows casual wear is to decide what you want to wear for work. Knowing what you want to wear will help you to cultivate a selection of pieces that form together to create your’ work wardrobe’. If you wanted, you could create a capsule wardrobe for the pieces you wear to work. Apply the same approach and thinking to what you want to wear to work for what you will wear in your personal life.

Making The Switch

Of course, you might not want to get rid of everything you own. There might be special items you own that do not fit the concept of a capsule wardrobe. If there are pieces that do not work but you do not want to depart from, keep them in a safe spot in your wardrobe. Look for the best ways to store clothes that keep them in their best condition. It means you do not have to sell or donate these items. Instead, you can keep them safe.

Switching to a capsule wardrobe mindset could help you to make smarter choices about clothes purchases. Instead of impulse buys, you might consider how the piece would fit into your wardrobe. You might ask yourselves questions such as:

  • How can I style this?
  • Is this interchangeable between seasons?
  • How often will I wear this?
  • Does it fit into my signature style?

Asking yourself these questions before purchasing the item will help you to make smarter investment decisions. It helps to reduce the risk of your wardrobe becoming cluttered again and the overall theme of the wardrobe getting lost.

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