The healthcare space is fast-evolving, and there are constant technological advancements to keep up with the pace.

In order to provide patients with the best treatments and outcomes, tech companies and researchers are under pressure to improve constantly. The sector is buzzing with new information, and so we have listed some of the tech that people just can’t stop talking about within the healthcare sphere.

Next Generation Sequencing

NGS is the lab technique for establishing the exact sequence in a DNA module. This consists of 4 blocks (A, T, G and C) – and the tech is more specific than ever in terms of understanding their sequencing and the technique that can be targeted. DNA sequencing is used for multiple purposes as it gives Doctors an understanding of the makeup of the cells and how they operate.  Most notably this can help diagnose genetic diseases, and identify if there are risks to the next generation. This is why this tech is so important to healthcare. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is playing a bigger part in healthcare than ever before. It allows some of the hard problem-solving decisions required by doctors to be automated, and also allows for faster decisions to be made under high-pressure situations. The result of this is better outcomes for patients, purely based on the fact that things will happen faster, and earlier and the decisions will be better. Things will only get more sophisticated on this front, as AI is now also used to analyse historic patient data and can uncover high-risk patients. 

3D Printing

The development of 3D printing has been used to offer patients a new form of treatment. It’s incredibly useful for surgeons in terms of developing new drilling guides and can be vital in the planning stages of getting ready for surgery.  Effectively they can have practice before the real procedure.  As well as this, they are also responsible for the creation of prosthetics.  They can also create surgical tools which have allowed for stronger, more effective products and lower costs. It allows for things to be completely tailored to the individual patient. This will dramatically improve their level of comfort.

Virtual reality

Neuropsychologists are using modern technologies such as virtual reality to make patient breakthroughs. They use a virtual environment to test out and train different scenarios virtually.  There is also the use of neuroimaging which is instrumental in finding brain damage, abnormalities and disorders. This helps doctors to understand what future treatments they can offer their patients.  Research has also shown that it can reduce pain for patients.  Cedars-Sinai has reported that a VR experience can reduce pain by 24% or higher.

The great news is – it won’t end here. Technology can do amazing things, and it’s fantastic to see how this is currently benefiting the healthcare sector there is no doubt that this will progress even further.  We can look forward to better patient care, and this being delivered at a lower cost rate.

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