New to the market this year, Perfect Hideaways launches  Villa Des Calanques a stunning villa in tranquil Cassis on the French Riviera.

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villa on the French Riviera

A luxury seaside villa, unveiling a Provençal pocket of paradise in the fishing village of Cassis, Villa des Calanques is a picture-perfect Mediterranean escape.

Tiered into the cliffs that cascade down into the azure waters of the Mediterranean, where swimmers and bathers bask in the sunshine, as the majestic Calanques of Marseille fold their limestone coves around the bays, Villa des Calanques is a delightfully private, deliberately romantic residence in the charming fishing village of Cassis.

Having direct access to and use of the legendary Les Roches Blanches – a 1920s resort that has evolved over the years into a contemporary luxury hotel, still retaining its classical Cassis essence – Villa des Calanques lends its opulent spaces as a secluded retreat for you and your distinguished clan to revel in the amour of the Mediterranean.

Depicting that dreamy life of languid hours spent beside the pool, sporadically sauntering down the stone stairway to the sea, dipping in and out, and resuming that spot beside the pool yet again. Constantly refreshed and satiated by the flowing French wine and hors d’oeuvres. Being waited on hand and foot by the discreet concierge team that are an extension of the 5-star neighbouring hotel. Ensuring every element of your stay is finely tuned in accordance with your holiday wish lists.

villa on the French Riviera

The boats will be moored in your private harbour downstairs, ready to whiz you out to sea. Where you’ll take in the beautiful landscape of The Calanques, Cap Canaille and all of the little coves along the shoreline. Perhaps a visit to the island of Porquerolles or a little further to Saint-Tropez. There’ll be plenty of swimming. Hiking the mountain trails and walking the cliff paths. Each voyage taking in the beauty of the surrounding nature, the ever-changing light and its effect on the colours of The Calanques, and the slow pace of the lifestyle that finds its way into the air, escorting you wherever you go, as if to pacify every breath.

When you are not out exploring the lovely fishing villages and the glorious surroundings, feasting from the seaside cafés and savouring the hotel’s facilities, the avant-garde villa pulls you in to its alluring spaces, and holds you in its luxurious grip. Set over four levels of refined living, dining, entertaining, reclining and resting areas, with ample outdoor space to relax and absorb the magnificent views, Villa des Calanques is the ideal French abode, to live out those hedonistic holidays on the Riviera.

With a wellness area and fitness room included, a traditional hammam, two heated swimming pools and cosy cabanas for late afternoon snoozing, you’ll have all that you’ve envisioned of this getaway, et beaucoup plus! You’ll be inclined to sit still for large portions of the day, admiring the yachts sailing by, listening to the gentle tunes being interrupted only by the odd sea breeze, whistling through the trees.

You’ll gather around the many tables, rewriting your own seductive scenes of life on the Mediterranean. Where the Cap Canaille and the endless expanse of blue are the natural backdrop to each episode.

What we love!

  • Villa des Calanques is a contemporary statement on French Riviera living, that generously encases you in a timeless luxury. From the minimalistic, state-of-the-art interiors, to the butler service, all of the lavish amenities and having access to Les Roches Blanches.
  • The property sits so high up in the hills, overlooking the sea and the famous Calanques of Marseille, it feels as if you are on a large ship sailing out to sea.
  • As the sun sets – around 8pm in summer – the landscape transforms into hues of orange. It’s lovely to head out on a little boat and watch the sun setting, then off to a little eatery on the shoreline for the evening.
villa on the French Riviera

What you need to know…

  • The property is situated in the town of Cassis, which is no more than 30 minutes from Marseille. Nicely cushioned between Marseille and St. Tropez.
  • The property boasts private, direct access to the sea for you to use as your own little bathing station and mini harbour. There’s nothing more romantic than wandering down a stone stairway and diving into the sea.
  • During your stay, you will have a personalised team of butlers / a full concierge service. Breakfast will be served as you wish it to be. Different places set up around the property to enjoy every morning with a new view. All dietary requirements are considered and personalised. There is also a WhatsApp group for all of the guests to put forward requests around the clock.
  • Take a leisurely walk to the beautiful port – it’s only 10 minutes away. Head to the hotel for its lovely ambience in all of the four restaurants, the bars, the spa. Or play Pétanque on the court.

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