Out with the old and in with the New Year adventure of a lifetime?Wouldn’t it be fun to swim with dolphins in Saint Kitts at Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts? Indeed, this is a thrilling adventure that you would never want to miss. Situated in the beautiful Caribbean, our center presents itself as a chance to approach the creatures and interact with them in a one-on-one manner. Saint Kitts has a lot to offer, and if you are still choosing where to start with exploring Caribbean islands, swimming with dolphins is the thing to start with.

Why Should You Engage Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts?

Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts is famous for its focus on environ-mental protection of marine animals and avowing the tourists unforgettable memories. The setting of our facility has been arranged in a way that would create the most favorable conditions the dolphins and anyone interested in interacting with the dolphins would find satisfactory.

1. Unmatched Location

Located in the middle of the Caribbean chain of islands, Saint Kitts boasts stunning geology and an amazing tropic scenery that will bring your dolphin experience to life. Swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean takes place in the beautiful waters and the sandy shores that border the islands.

2. Expert Trainers

All our trainers are qualified and have many years of training with a strong background of marine animals and the health of dolphins that we have. They have detailed information and give directions on what to do making your swim with dolphins in Saint Kitts  fun though informative.

Swimming with Dolphins

3. Memorable Interactions

Our dolphin facility at Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts also has diverse packages to suit one’s preferences and fears. In compliance with this, we have provided accommodation to suit the soft encounter as well as the moderately active one. From dorsal tows to cute and friendly belly rides, swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean has never been this much fun.

The Experience: What to Expect

Swimming with dolphins in Saint Kitts is therefore an activity that is filled with lots of joy and you always expect the unexpected results.

Arrival and Orientation

On arrival, clients will be welcomed by our staff and then briefed on minimal requirements of the camp. These include safety briefing/information for guests and general information about our dolphins. You will find out about their actions, living places, and how we protect them and contribute to the future of such fantastic creatures.

Getting in the Water

After making sure that everything is in order and you’re all set, it is time to get wet and swim with the dolphins. The trained dolphins live free inside a very large lagoon that ensures safety and comfort to the animals and the guests too. Our trainers and coach will help you to experience touching and feeding dolphins and even dancing with them.

Interactive Sessions

As expected, the tedious taught session is the climax of the experience. Depending on the type of program you settle for, you will be swimming with the friendly creature, taking a hug from it, or watching it perform incredible stunts. Thus, to swim with dolphins in the Caribbean gives the tourists a kind of closeness or connection with nature that is moving and joyful.

Post-Swim Activities

After your swim, I would like to invite you to spend like an hour just lounging around and seeing the rest of our facility. Capri is equipped with a gift shop where visitors can buy small mementos to take home. You can also have a good view and be able to take some few shots of the enticing environment.

Swimming with Dolphins

Conservation and Education

First and foremost, Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts is very much involved in the protection of marine mammals as well as other species of ocean creatures. Every time you opt for swimming with dolphins in Saint Kitts, you will be aiding the conservation process of these beautiful animals and their homes. Here at Underwater World, we value education, and make it a point to share with our visitors how we can help with the preservation of the marine world.

Supporting Marine Life

The Dolphin Discovery St Kitts is directly involved in donating 10 % of their profits towards the support of marine ecosystem projects in the Caribbean region. These programs are aimed towards enhancing conservation efforts for the dolphins and other species through preservation of their habitats for the benefit of the upcoming generations regarding the aesthetic value of the ocean.

Educational Programs

Furthermore, visitors also get environmental games and learning tours available for school and group visits. These programmes are geared towards educating the younger generation and the community at large on marine protection . The unique experience in Saint Kitts of swimming interactively with dolphins is not only entertainment but also education and contributing to a noble purpose.

Plan Your Visit

Are you set to help create memories to last a lifetime?Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts is waiting for you, so do not waste your time and come to visit us today. Whether you are single, with a partner or with your kids, a swim with dolphins in Saint Kitts is unquestionably one of those things that you will never regret opting for.

Booking Your Experience

As a tip, we suggest ordering the dolphin swim ahead of time to guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy this activity. This can be done in a very simple and convenient manner through our website or via the customer support. Select the track that you prefer and get ready for an exciting experience.

Swimming with Dolphins

What to Bring

There are a number of water attractions so swimwear, a towel and waterproof sun block are must haves. Do not leave your camera at home because there are many dramatic scenes that you will share with the dolphins. We also have space for your belongings in case you want to store them, we have lockers for that.

Getting Here

Another advantage of Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts is it is in a strategic area that is easy to reach. If you have come for a cruise or you are on the island, our facility is easily accessible through a short drive. It is our quest to ensure that getting here is as easy as possible and here are our transportation means.


The experience of swimming with dolphins in Saint Kitts is more than just an activity, it is something that one will remember them all their life. Here, at Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts, our mission is to ensure a fun and informative time while simultaneously promoting the welfare of the dolphins. Come and feel the Caribbean surf as it washes over you while you gently stroke the soft fins of dolphins; learn about these fascinating creatures.

Dolphin is waiting for you at Dolphin Discovery Saint Kitts, ensure you make the right decision and visit us today. Experience an odyssey in which Caribbean aesthetics and the fun of interaction with living organisms are presented. You are poised to have your dream vacation of swimming with the dolphins in the Saint Kitts.

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