UK holidaymakers planning to drive to their staycations this summer have been told how they can make sure that their break gets off to the best possible start.

Motoring experts from have put together some tips on how drivers can enjoy a stress-free staycation.

With UK summer holiday bookings already well up on pre-covid levels and many airlines facing ongoing battles over staff shortages, a last-minute surge in domestic bookings is a very real possibility, with Britain’s roads expected to be especially busy this summer.

But covering long distances when Britain’s roads are at their busiest doesn’t have to be stressful.

The practical recommendations from driving experts are designed to make sure that drivers are fully prepared for the journey in advance and able to deal with any surprises that might arise on the day.

A spokesperson for said: “Your summer holiday starts the moment you close the front door, and the car journey can really set the mood for the rest of the holiday.

“Planning your route in advance to avoid congestion and roadworks whilst giving yourself enough time for regular breaks can make all the difference whether you arrive at your destination tired, grumpy and stressed or in the holiday spirit.

“If you follow some simple steps before you leave and are prepared for any eventualities once on the road then there is no reason your car journey can’t be an enjoyable start to your holiday.”

Here are’s six top tips for a stress-free staycation: 

  1. Plan your route

Drivers can get a heads up on the fastest route and any planned roadworks by checking an online route planner. Planning your route can help you avoid some of the busiest roads.

  1. Allowing time for your journey

On some days and on some of the busier routes from major cities to the seaside there is no way to avoid the busiest roads. It is worth trying to avoid the busiest times such as Friday afternoons, but if you can’t, you might want to try leaving early in the morning before the traffic has had a chance to build up. 

  1. Look after your car

Making sure your car is in good condition before the day will help avoid any hold-ups due to car problems. Check the oil and tires before you head off on a long drive and fill up the tank the day before so you can be flexible about where and when you next need to get fuel.

  1. Check the weather

If you keep an eye on the forecast for the day you travel you will know whether to expect weather-related delays. Heavy rain can really slow down very busy roads, and hot weather will likely attract daytrippers making the roads even busier.

  1. Leave on time

It isn’t easy to get everyone out of the house on time especially if it is an early start, but if you set off late you might be tempted to take fewer breaks on the drive down. The key to a stress-free journey is taking away the worry that you won’t arrive on time while taking regular breaks to unwind.

  1. Have fun

Listen to music in the car and be excited for your holiday to come. Take regular breaks, especially if you have a car full of children so they can stretch their legs, and make sure that everyone is fed, watered and most of all relaxed.

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