Every parent worries about their child getting injured, unwell, or separated from them when travelling. 

However, with proper preparation, you can prevent many of these situations, and ease your fears about travelling with kids.

Hannah Westphal, a travelling expert at byHannah Vacations, has shared five top safety tips so you can keep your family happy, healthy, and safe, whether you’re off exploring overseas or simply sunbathing by the sea.

Dress in brightly coloured clothes

It’s much easier to keep track of your children in a busy street if they’re wearing colourful clothing.

“Dress them in bright, clear colours during the day so you can easily spot them in a crowd.

You could even liven up their evening with some fun, multi-coloured glow sticks – a great way to spot them in the dark,” says the expert. 

Make sure your child has your emergency contact details on them

A great security tip for when you’re abroad is to give your child an ID wristband or small notebook with some details on them, like emergency contact numbers, their name, age, and where you’re staying.

“The kids know that if they get lost, separated, or there’s any kind of a emergency, they’ve got our contact details on their wrists. Also, make sure you include the right country code in front of your phone numbers,” recommends the expert.

Take photos of your family

For some extra peace of mind, take a quick family photo before you head off to a busy place. That way, you have got a record of what everyone’s wearing if you get separated.

“In the panic of looking for your child, remembering what T-shirt they put on on that morning and describing them clearly can be tricky. A picture’s worth a thousand words, after all,” notes the expert.

Identify the best people your child can ask for help

If you show your children how to identify officials, such as police officers or security personnel, as well as mums with children, then if they become lost they’ll be more likely to seek help from trustworthy individuals.

Identify landmarks

Whenever you’re in a busy place like a theme park or train station, choose a meeting spot that’s easy to find, like an information point, a statue, or a shop.

“If you have your kids repeat these meeting places back to you, then they’ll know where to find you should they become lost,” concludes the expert.

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