Are you thinking of moving to Spain? Spain is a wonderful place with so much culture and history surrounding it.

In fact, Spain is often recognized as one of the more popular places to move to when relocating – especially when looking for a dream home to settle down in. It has plenty of luxury villas for you to choose from, mansions, country houses, and more.

When looking to pick a home in Spain, there is plenty for you to think about – you are spending a lot of money after all! The amenities of the property should be high on your agenda as well as how safe the neighbourhood is. Size does matter, especially when it comes to buying your ideal home and so does the future. 

Villas such as Miralbo Villas are an ideal choice for many reasons. Not only do these all boast spectacular views, but they also have the best technological accessories and are built to a stylish and contemporary design. With privacy, security and luxury interwoven to their core, they’re a company everyone needs to add to their list when looking to move to Spain.

Below we look into three tips when picking your dream home in Spain such as Miralbo villas which tick all the boxes.

The amenities the property has 

When investing a lot of money into finding your perfect home, you want to ensure it has all the amenities you will use. Depending on your budget, having a gym may be important to you, a swimming pool, and multiple guest rooms with high-tech gadgets included. Before speaking to your real estate agent, make a list of must-haves that they can look out for, this way they can help narrow down your search for you. This will save both you and their time when looking into different homes for you in Spain. Miralbo villas boast a host of amenities and are all built to the highest of standards.

Consider the neighbourhood 

This is one of the most important things to consider whenever you are moving property – especially when relocating to another country. Make sure you dedicate some time to doing extensive research in the area your potential home is in. Look up the crime stats as well as reach out to the residents to see what they think of the area. Your real estate agent should also have a good idea of the area before they show you around. One quick and easy way to look up the area is to go on Google Street View and spend a moment doing a live view of the streets surrounding your home. Spain has many lovely places to move to including Mallorca and Marbella. 

Is it future-proofed? 

Your perfect home has to be future-proofed, otherwise, you could argue it’s not a dream home. The last thing you want is to move in, to have to move out after a couple of years as it’s not quite right for your future. When browsing, try to consider your future and needs and match these with the homes you are looking into. For example, will you need a bigger garden as your children grow up? Are the rooms big enough? Has the property been made out of durable material and what upgrades can be done in the future? You may need to speak to a construction company to confirm what additional upgrades can be made in the future. 

We hope these tips give you some insight into things to consider when picking your future home in Spain. What tips do you think we should add to the list above? Which of the above tips do you most agree with? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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