Have you ever fancied owning your own holiday home, tucked away within your favourite part of the UK? A place you could go to escape the autopilot of working life, as a weekend trip or for a longer stay?

Have you ever considered purchasing one of the lodges for sale with Away Resorts, for example? They’re fully furnished, yet still have space for you to add your own personal touch. But that’s not all you can expect when you own a holiday home lodge – here’s some more things to look forward to:

Personalising our Holiday Home

Putting your stamp on the place, and making it feel cosy, homely and relaxing with personal touches is one way in which you can upgrade your holiday game. Add everything you need, from soft blankets and the perfect pillow to a non-stick frying pan as well as framed photos of holidays gone. Create a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Another way you could add a personal touch, is by adding a fragrance in the form of reed diffusers or scented candles, for example. Adding a scent to your lodge, such as sandalwood or vanilla, for example, will create a feeling of welcoming and inviting vibes. Not only this, but when you smell the same scent along your travels, you could unlock memories of times spent at your lodge, through a fragrance memory.


Whether you prefer a hike in the hills or surfing the waves as they roll towards land, there are plenty of locations to choose from that reflect the activities and surroundings you wish to be involved in when staycating in your UK holiday home.

So, whether you want to escape into the rolling hills of the Peak District or ride the Atlantic waves in Cornwall, choosing the right destination is key to fully upgrading your holiday game.

No Holiday Limit

When owning your own UK holiday home, last-minute trips to your lodge are only a short ride away. There’s no need to book tickets, pack to a weight limit or print boarding passes. Simply pack what you need and set off towards your lodge.

Plus, when lodges are built they’re superiorly insulated, meaning they’ll be warm and inviting in the colder months of the year, making a weekend or week away possible no matter the weather.


Not only do you get the luxury of making the lodge your own, by putting your own stamp on the place to make it feel like home, but you also get access to the facilities within the park too. This can be the swimming pool if the park has one, restaurants and bars, and many other facilities offered by the park your lodge is located in.

Cook Own Meals

Having the option to cook your own meals or head out to a restaurant within the park is another plus when it comes to owning your own lodge. You can store dinner time essentials in your kitchen cupboards, leaving the hassle of packing the car up with food, at home.

We recommend leaving tinned items, as these have a longer shelf life than that of fresh produce, and nothing can be better than coming home form an adventure to a hot bowl of soup!


A great thing about owning your own lodge is that you’re allowed to take your four-legged friend with you on holiday – this is guaranteed by many amazing park operators. This will make it a trip for the whole family, so the ultimate walkies location can be explored with your furry friend in tow.

So, will you be upping your holiday game within the UK, by purchasing a holiday lodge of your own?

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