Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is setting the benchmark in Qatar as the first, and only, full-immersion wellness resort in the Middle East, and one of the largest wellness destinations in the region.

The resort is also the world’s first centre for Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM), a system of healing drawn from Islamic medicinal historians and herbalists. Zulal’s approach and application of proprietary wellness techniques are combined with a holistic wellbeing philosophy established by internationally acclaimed wellness pioneer, Chiva-Som.

The integrated wellness Retreat programmes are designed to guide guests through a journey of ancient healing traditions, relaxation and movement therapies, along with a comprehensive analysis of their health and state of wellbeing. Retreat programmes are available from three to 14 nights in duration, with emphasis placed on improving diet and nutrition, promoting daily physical activity and stress resistance, enhancing sleep quality, and engaging in joyful activities. 

Derived from the Canon of Medicine written by physician-philosopher Avicenna (known regionally as Ibn Sina) in 1025, one of the cornerstones of the history of medicine in Europe and the Middle East, TAIM distills over a millennium of evidence-based wellness practices into a range of treatments and programs aimed at restoring health in the 21st century. Reconnecting all the elements of TAIM, Zulal captures the true essence of the local culture and heritage through inspired treatments, such as a traditional Qatari hamiz, a deeply relaxing massage using circular strokes with tadleek oil infused with medicinal herbs and hot stones to reenergize the body; Hijama therapy (cupping therapy); a slimming body mask of camel milk which delivers heat to enhance metabolic rate while detoxifying the skin; and a range of Arabic spa rituals at the resort’s extensive hammam facilities. 

Located on the picturesque northern tip of Qatar, Zulal Wellness Resort offers two distinct yet interconnecting experiences. Zulal Serenity is dedicated to adults seeking an immersive health and lifestyle reset; while Zulal Discovery invites families to connect and embark on a wellness journey together. For all guests, the lifelong process of revitalisation and wellness begins with a consultation with the resort’s in-house wellness advisor who will guide guests through their individualised meal plans, customised and scheduled activities, and holistic therapies and treatments. 

Retreat programmes at Zulal Serenity range from three to 14 nights and are designed for those seeking a path of reset and reflection. Guests can choose from Taste of Zulal, an introduction the resort’s programmes and treatments tailored to individual goals; Mind & Body, to destress, replenish and boost the immune system through a diverse range of healing traditions and holistic activities; Therapeutic Cleanse to improve energy levels and vitality by unearthing the ideal diet for individuals and maximising the detoxification process; Optimal Physio-Fit to help alleviate pain and improve posture, whilst replenishing and rejuvenating the physical and mental state; Natural Slimming to facilitate healthy weight loss and a sustained approach for long-term weight management; and Serenity Beauty which offers a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation and achieving a healthy, glowing appearance. Treatments address all aspects of integrative wellbeing, from a full range of relaxing massages to energy-based therapies to release blockages in the body, as well as body therapies to reduce physical tension and stress. 

Zulal Discovery offers a haven for families where they are encouraged to engage in programmes and activities that strengthen the bonds and dynamics between members. Younger guests can enjoy a weekly-changing calendar of engaging activities, divided into age-appropriate categories as well as those for families to enjoy together. Retreats are also available for two or five nights and are specifically targeted at those aged from below four to 17 years old from Zulal Nurture Kinder (below 4 years old); Zulal Explore Junior Retreat (4-8 years old); Zulal Adventure Teen Retreat (9-12 years old); and Zulal Young Adults (13-17 years old). With the capacity to rejuvenate at any age, Zulal’s Restoring Wellness retreat is aimed for those aged 55 and above, focussing on enhancing longevity, vitality and physical fitness.
The wellness products and nutrition at the resort are rooted in the natural bounty of Qatar and are delivered using the freshest locally sourced ingredients, healing herbs, minerals, and marine flora. Speciality products include pink Qatari clay, seaweed harvested from Qatar’s shores, local camel milk, charcoal, locally distilled essential oils, and Sidr herbs, an iconic symbol of Qatar’s heritage. 

Guests across all age groups will revel in extensive facilities including two VIP treatment villas; a collection of treatment rooms that include four family treatment rooms in Discovery, plus physiotherapy and ayurvedic rooms; nutritional consultation rooms; steam rooms; skin analysis and aesthetic treatment spaces. Guests will also have access to the fitness pavilions with yoga and Pilates studio; a wealth of thermal facilities including two hammams, two salt caves, two arctic rooms and four steam rooms; plus, four indoor and two outdoor swimming pools. 

With an equal focus on diet and nutrition, Zulal Wellness Resort offers a curated choice of restaurants from casual dining and beachside cafes to more formal dining experiences, as well as a hands-on demo kitchen and cooking studio. 

With a digital detox policy in all public areas, a breath-taking desert setting overlooking pristine sea views, guests can fully disconnect and recharge. Zulal encourages guests to reconnect with nature with activities such as Earthing, a therapeutic technique where guests walk barefoot during low tide, as well as grounding activities including planting mangroves to give back to the marine ecosystem and educating families on the importance of aquatic life. On departure, guests are encouraged to reach out to their advisors for additional support on their wellness journey, reiterating the resort’s philosophy of embracing sustainable change of lifestyle habits.
Retreats start from £2,599.00 per person when booked with Healing Holidays (healingholidays.com; 020 7843 3597). Price includes the 3-night Taste of Zulal programme, Qatar Airways flights, transfers and full board accommodation.

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