Eaten Alive the award-winning fermented foods producer, founded by two former Michelin-starred chefs, has announced an epic collaboration with Cornwall’s Ann’s Pasties.

Combining the amazing versatility of kimchi with deliciously rich, flaky pastry the team have created a mouth-watering new must-try – the first-ever Kimchi Pasty. 

Kimchi Pasty

After year’s experimenting with baking savouries with kimchi, Eaten Alive had the opportunity to make pasties with Ann, and stumbled across a mind-blowingly good result! Kimchi makes an irresistible new filling for the original baked feast, the unequivocal Cornish Pasty.

Ann’s are the makers and purveyors of the finest Cornish pasties, hand-made in small batches for generations on the Lizard peninsula in West Cornwall. Their dedication to exceptional local ingredients and craftsmanship is evident in every flaky, moreish bite.

Pat Bingley, Eaten Alive, Founder, comments, “After spending year’s working as a chef in Cornwall, I’ve always been passionate about its amazing food scene and am thrilled to be bringing a taste of Cornwall to the Eaten Alive range. What we thought was just a bit of fun experimenting with the team at Ann’s, turned out to be mind-blowingly good! We decided we had to find a way to launch the first Kimchi Pasty – the classic Cornish savoury with a fermented twist!”

Kimchi Pasty

The new pasty uses the best-selling Eaten Alive Classic Kimchi – a fiery and bold kimchi, that is additive free, raw, vegan and teeming with good bacteriaIt is hand-made in Battersea and combines crisp Chinese leaf and crunchy shredded vegetables with heaps of ginger, chilli & garlic

Each pasty is hand ‘crimped’ at Ann’s pasty barn and baked that day before shipping nationwide on a next-day service. Available as a Kimchi Pasty or a Kimchi & Cheese Pasty – £12 for two (Eaten Alive x Ann’s Pasties Partnership, available nationwide). When it arrives it just needs popping it in a medium-heat oven for 30 minutes to enjoy a taste of Cornwall with a fermented twist…..Delicious served with the Eaten Alive Smoked Sriracha Hot Sauce!

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